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The International Towing and Recovery Museum and the History of the Towing Industry

We don’t often think about it, but the towing industry has been around for a long time, starting with the invention of the first tow truck by Ernest Holmes, Sr. of Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1916.  But, many towers are not aware that there is actually a towing museum called the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum in Holmes’ home town of Chattanooga.

The museum is chock full of towing information on the history of the industry and chronicles the development of the industry and towing equipment since Holmes’ initial invention almost 100 years ago.  It… Continue reading

650 Vehicles Towed in St. Paul Minnesota After ‘Snow Emergency’

The Minnesota Post is reporting that a whopping 650 vehicles were towed from their locations after a huge blizzard hit the area this past weekend, dropping between 6 and 8 inches of snow on the metro.  Tow services in the area were responding to towing requests by the city that are a part of the lowing laws in effect when the city of St. Paul declares a ‘snow emergency’.  The towing laws are designed to remove cars which are parked in areas along major roads that would impede snow plows from clearing the roads so that they are… Continue reading

DOT Finalizes Rule Banning Non-Emergency Cell Phone Use For Commercial Drivers

The US Department of Transportation has finalized a rule which will become effective on January 3, 2012 and bans cell phone use for commercial drivers, including tow truck drivers.  The new rule is designed to ensure safe operation of all commercial vehicles.  It will also help establish more safe towing practices and make sure that tow truck drivers are not distracted from the task at hand.  Although some companies currently have policies which prohibit a tow truck driver from using a cell phone while operating the tow truck, this law would apply to all commercial vehicle drivers,… Continue reading

Towers Die Every 6 Days… We Check Inc. Responds

Today, Michael Stine president of We Check Inc. is proud to announce an alliance with David Lambert, president of the North American Towing Academy Inc. to address the growing problem of tower fatalities and injuries across the nation. We Check Inc. will work directly with the North American Towing Academy (NATA) to create an all new, online training and safety program. The first of a series of training videos is scheduled to begin in late January 2013 on We Check’s website, This will be an ongoing series of videos, each addressing specific issues which affect a tower while performing… Continue reading

Honolulu Paper Finds That 1-in-5 City Towing Bills Are Inflated

A new report in the Honolulu Star Advertiser finds that about 20% (or 1 in every 5) of tows were overcharged for.  These car towing cost was typically inflated by towing the vehicle several miles more than it needed to be; towing it to a lot that was not the closest one available, just so that an additional $7.50/mile charge could be tacked on to the bill.  This unnecessary mileage added an average of $60-70 to the overall bill charged to the customer.

The company, Leeward Auto Wreckers, which is the sole tow service which provides police-initiated tows… Continue reading

Colorado Towing Laws You May Not Be Aware Of

Most consumers are unaware of the degree to which the towing business, like many other businesses, is regulated.  There are laws governing when it is legal to tow, how much can be charged, who has to give permission to tow and more.  The laws are there for a reason: to protect consumers from less reputable companies and individuals who might try to take advantage of people.  But, in order for you to most effectively be able to exercise your rights, you need to know what the laws are and when and how they protect you.  Therefore,… Continue reading

Mesa, AZ Police Uncover Towing Scam

In recent towing news, police in Mesa, Arizona have arrested 5 individuals connected to an illegal towing scam that saw properly parked vehicles towed for a fee as well as the tow service fraudulently obtaining the titles to vehicles they had towed and selling them.

The tow service, which is known as SWAT towing or Auto City Towing, was investigated after police received a number of complaints about fraud and suspicious practices at the business.  Apparently, the practice was for the tow company to tow cars (often times illegally, because they were not parked in a dangerous or no-parking… Continue reading

Virginia Tow Company Spreading Holiday Cheer by Helping Drinkers Get Home Safely

A tow service in Richmond, Virginia is doing its part to give back to the community and spread some holiday cheer by helping drive home locals who have had a bit too much to drink during their holiday festivities.

The towing business, owned by a Mr. Melvin Lawson, has started a new tow service called ‘Toast’d Tow’ which will give locals a ride home (and also tow their car home for them if they need it) for just $50.  “A gentleman came in. He wisely said ‘I shouldn’t be behind the wheel.’ He went home another fashion and left… Continue reading

Auto Towing Receives Prestigious ‘ACE’ Award

Colorado Springs, CO—Julian Cisneros from Auto Towing of Colorado Springs, CO has received the prestigious American Towman ACE Award for Achievement in service performance. Recipients were nominated by the nation’s major motor clubs and dispatch centers including GEICO, National Automobile Club, National Motor Club and Nation Safe Drivers.

The nomination guidelines for the ACE Award include: the highest percentage of calls when the estimated time of arrival is achieved, consistency in response time, written appreciation from customers and percentage of calls serviced (instead of turning them away) thereby reflecting reliability and overall professionalism. ACE recipients rank in the top 1%… Continue reading

Employees and Workers Compensation

Today the towing industry is grappling with many issues that plague many trades and service companies. Small businesses in the trade industries struggle to pay fair wages to their employees and meet the needs of their customers to continue sustainable business practices. Small businesses are the foundation of the American economy providing approximately 90% of all new jobs created. Since many of the service providers in the towing industry are small businesses, the industry should engage government to support the businesses employing 275,000 workers in the industry who deserve better wages. Through education, negotiation, and advocacy at the legislative and… Continue reading