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New Proposed Rule Would Ban Towers From Towing Without Specific Request

A new rule which was published by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) would change the towing regulations surrounding when, and in what fashion, it is permissible to tow a vehicle from private property.

The proposed rule, which was published on January 25th, prohibits towing operations from towing a vehicle from private property without being requested to do so by the owner of the property or an agent from the applicable property management company or association. As many towing companies currently contract with property owners, homeowner’s associations and property management companies to provide vehicle towing services in the event… Continue reading

Lauderhill Professor’s Family Files Suit Against Towing Company Regarding Death

The death of a Keiser University professor, Elias Konwufine, which we have been following for several days now has some interesting new developments which shed some light on exactly what happened the day that Konwufine was killed by being run over by his own Mercedes-Benz, while it was being towed away from outside of his home.

Now, Konwufine’s family has filed a lawsuit against Superior Lock & Roadside Assistance LLC, which was doing business as Capitol Towing. The lawsuit also names a generic tow truck driver ‘John Doe’ who previously identified himself to media as ‘Ken’. According to the… Continue reading

‘Lizard Lick Towing’ Reality Show Breaking Viewership Records

Reality-television is certainly surprising some with its staying power. Initially, it seemed like a fad that would peter out after a few years. But, that analysis couldn’t have been farther from the reality (no pun intended). At this point it certainly seems to be here to stay for the foreseeable future, and the diversity of subjects covered is astounding. There seems to be a reality show for just about any situation, interest or niche. That now includes towing.

The reality-TV series ‘Lizard Lick Towing’ on TruTV is breaking viewership records. Nearly 3 million viewers watched the last episode of the… Continue reading

Details of Professor’s Death Ignites Controversy, Raises More Questions

The incident last Friday in which a man died in a towing accident outside of Fort Lauderdale, Florida has ignited controversy about towing practices and policies in the area.

The man, Elias Konwufine, was a professor and dean of the Business School at Keiser University. Since, the news broke a few days ago about the incident more developments have come to light that raise some important questions about the details surrounding Konwufine’s death.

Initial reports said that Konwufine’s vehicle was towed from outside of his own house. Of course, this seemed strange to many. Why would a car be… Continue reading

Women In The Towing Industry

Although things are changing, the towing industry remains an industry that is mostly run by men. While there are a minority of women in the workforce that contribute in many ways to towing business, most of the employees, drivers and managers in a given towing company are still likely to be men.

This doesn’t mean that men in the towing business have been intentionally excluding women from the industry. Most of the disparity comes from the fact that the type of work that the towing industry represents was historically the domain of men. But, traditional gender roles like this have… Continue reading

Professor Killed While Trying To Prevent His Car From Being Towed

Elias Konwufine, dean of the Business school at Keiser University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida was killed in an unfortunate towing incident this past Friday. Konwufine was trying to prevent his car from being towed at the time of the incident and ended up being run over by his own car. Konwufine was trying to prevent his car from being towed from outside his home in Lauderhill, west of Fort Lauderdale.

The tow truck driver, who only provided the first name Ken as identification, recounted the details of the situation, saying that Konwufine, “jumped on the running board and held onto… Continue reading

We Check’s First Honorary Driver, Bill Bowser

We Check Inc. is proud to announce the induction of Bill Bowser as We Check’s honorary “Colorado Driver”. Mr. Bowser will have the honor of being our first inductee.

Mr. Bowser’s story has been well told. We will not tell his story again but will simply make some insights about his life. Mr. Bowser takes little credit for his accomplishments while still striving to give credit to those who believed in him through the years. When you talk with those whom he worked with, they give the credit back to him. “Bill Bowser never quit on anything.” This is the… Continue reading

Third Generation Tower Killed In Arkansas

A town in central Arkansas lost a valued member of the community this past Tuesday when Delbert Brooks, a third-generation tow truck driver, was killed by a motorist while operating his tow truck on the side of a major highway. The incident has the community mourning the loss of Brooks, whose father operates the auto towing service in Bald Knob, Arkansas. The roads were slippery with sleet and it appears that the driver of the vehicle just lost control and went careening into Mr. Brooks as he was standing on the side of the highway near his tow truck.

Delbert’s… Continue reading

Truck Maintenance Essentials

Like any other vehicle, your tow truck requires regular maintenance and care to make sure it stays running at peak performance. Maintaining your tow truck is similar to maintaining a personal vehicle, but there are important differences. The main difference being that tow trucks require a more frequent and diligent maintenance routine because they are constantly pulling heavy loads and being put through other stresses.

You should always have a preventative maintenance schedule established and follow it religiously. Preventative maintenance could be the difference between spending a few dollars here and now or spending a lot of money for expensive… Continue reading

Auto Services Aims for Full Propane Fleet by 2016

Auto Services Aims for Full Propane Fleet by 2016

By Sarah Martin        Jan 2013 SC4 Newsletter FINAL.pdf - Adobe Reader               


Alternative fuels (AFs), AF projects, and AF vehicles have become a bit more common amongst the traditional petroleum, internal combustion market which has dominated for decades.

Does the decision make financial sense and will the alternative fuel be available in order to avoid leaving a driver stranded, out of gas?

Companies and individuals across the globe are answering these questions as they decide to transition away… Continue reading