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Auto Services Aims for Full Propane Fleet by 2016

Auto Services Aims for Full Propane Fleet by 2016

By Sarah Martin        Jan 2013 SC4 Newsletter FINAL.pdf - Adobe Reader               


Alternative fuels (AFs), AF projects, and AF vehicles have become a bit more common amongst the traditional petroleum, internal combustion market which has dominated for decades.

Does the decision make financial sense and will the alternative fuel be available in order to avoid leaving a driver stranded, out of gas?

Companies and individuals across the globe are answering these questions as they decide to transition away from the traditional petroleum market toward AFs.

One local business that has recently entered the alternative fuel market is Auto Services Inc. based in Colorado Springs.

The company currently has three propane powered Isuzu Bi-Phase trucks with plans to convert the remainder of their fleet by 2016. Mick Stine, owner, and Julian Cisneros, general manager, spent over a year researching the market in an effort to find a secure fuel source.

Their decision was based on the cost of an on-site fill station, the availability of fuel (off-site), vehicles, and the national alternative fuel tax rebate. Compressed natural gas, CNG, and liquid propane gas, LPG were the two main fuels the company considered before choosing LPG largely due to the affordability of on-site fueling and the availability of LPG off-site.

To date the trucks have been on the road for approximately five months, the drivers are happy with the performance, and they have not experienced any major mechanical issues. Beyond LPG, Auto Towing Inc. is experimenting with a new synthetic oil to further increase their vehicle’s MPGs.

Auto Services Inc. is a AAA partner and covers the entire southern half of the state. They are actively working with AAA to recognize alternative fuel partners in addition to mandating industry compliance for insurance and registration within the towing industry.

For additional question or comments please email sarah@cleancitiescolorado.org or visit http://www.autotowinginc.com/

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