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Third Generation Tower Killed In Arkansas

A town in central Arkansas lost a valued member of the community this past Tuesday when Delbert Brooks, a third-generation tow truck driver, was killed by a motorist while operating his tow truck on the side of a major highway. The incident has the community mourning the loss of Brooks, whose father operates the auto towing service in Bald Knob, Arkansas. The roads were slippery with sleet and it appears that the driver of the vehicle just lost control and went careening into Mr. Brooks as he was standing on the side of the highway near his tow truck.

Delbert’s father, Dale, was called to the scene by the police to assist with the accident. He was told that someone had been hit by a car. He had no idea who it was until he discovered his own son lying in the road by the tow truck. Dale, who inherited his auto towing business from his own father many years ago, was struck with fear and sadness when he realized what had actually happened.

Roadside operation can be extremely dangerous.

Roadside operation can be extremely dangerous.

“They called me out to work that one, they didn’t know it was my son, Dale told KARK 4 News. “When I got out there, I walked up on my son in the road. I lost a son and it hurts.”

Delbert was 37 years old and is survived by his wife and three kids, including a son who was planning to become a tow truck driver like his father one day. Delbert was killed just two days before what would have been his 21st wedding anniversary.

Every tow truck driver is aware of the danger inherent in auto towing work. We owe it to those who have lost their lives doing this work, to ensure that we continue to honor their memory by performing with the utmost attention paid to integrity, professionalism and, of course, safety.

(photo by Highways Agency via Flickr)

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