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Midwest Slammed With Heavy Snowfall Again, Towers Work To Rescue Stranded Vehicles

Less than a couple days after the Midwest was hit by a foot of snowfall, another large snowstorm has moved in and dumped between 6 and 8 inches of fresh powder on many areas in the region, resulting in mass closings of schools and businesses and requiring local towers to work overtime on vehicle recovery and towing efforts.

Cities across the Midwest have seen record snowfalls in the past week. Kansas City got about 8 inches of snow dumped on them, which was on top of the foot of snowpack already covering the ground. Colorado cities also saw some snowfall,… Continue reading

CurbTXT Lets Drivers Warn Each Other Of Impending Tows

In a piece of interesting towing news, a startup is piloting a new service which uses cell phone text messages to allow people to alert vehicle owners that they are illegally parked so that they can avoid an expensive ticket and a visit from the tow truck. The service, which is called CurbTXT, started about five months ago and is currently only available in San Francisco. The founders hope that they can encourage the city of San Francisco to accelerate the adoption of the service by integrating into their parking management system.

CurbTXT is simple in its execution. You sign… Continue reading

Tow Companies Kept Busy Towing Vehicles After Snowstorms

As the first significant snow storm of the season hits Colorado, other areas around the Midwest are seeing significant snowfalls, which means that your friendly local tow service is hard at work helping stranded drivers with car towing and road side assistance. The snow storm that hit the Midwest and hammered cities like Kansas City and Omaha with over a foot of snow saw a lot of drivers stranded in white out conditions that required the service and expertise of the local towing company.

The good news is that there weren’t nearly as many reports of unnecessary deaths… Continue reading

Snow Emergencies Can Result In Mass Towing

Although Colorado has seen quite a bit less snow this year than is normal, other parts of the country have not had the same experience. New England got nailed by a blizzard which dumped almost two feet of snow in some areas, and other cities like Minneapolis and elsewhere have seen significant snowfall accumulation. With snowy and wintry road conditions, towing operators typically have their work cut out for them. Calls are more frequent, meaning that a tow service can expect not to have a lot of down time. This is especially the case when a town or city declares… Continue reading

A Closer Look At The Rise In Towing Complaints In Denver Area

In a previous post, we discussed the reported increase in consumer complaints against towing companies in Colorado. The news article which cited the increase in complaints focused mostly on the Denver metropolitan area. The report by the Denver local CBS affiliate, CBS4, reports that Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has seen the number of towing-related complaints rise from around 300 complaints in 2007-8, to nearly twice that number in the last two years.

In the last post, we pointed out that many complaints that are received from about towing companies can be due to the fact that vehicle owners are… Continue reading

Complaints Against Colorado Towing Companies On The Rise?

A story which was published by Denver’s CBS4 affiliate asserts that towing complaints against Colorado towing services are on the rise. The story cites the fact that the Better Business Bureau apparently has more towing companies with an ‘F’ rating than it does accredited towing companies. While that is certainly something that is alarming, it is worth noting that it is still anecdotal evidence and doesn’t provide any proof that the number of complaints against Colorado towing services for illegal towing or other reasons is actually on the rise.

The Better Business Bureau is an organization which attempts… Continue reading

Woman Who Was Being Assisted By Tow Truck Driver When He Was Killed Posts Poem In His Honor

A few days ago we posted a story about a tow truck driver who was killed while providing road side assistance to a woman on the Pacific Coast Highway near Newbury Park, California. The woman’s name was Katharine Cimorelli. The tow truck driver’s name was Ronald Carver, who worked for Platinum Towing in nearby Westlake. Mr. Carver was killed by a suspected drunken driver as he was operating near the highway providing road side assistance to Ms. Cimorelli. The woman suspected of hitting Mr. Carver was later caught up to by the police. She is now being charged with felony… Continue reading

Tow Truck Driver Wasn’t Aware of NYT Tesla Electric Car Controversy

A recent test drive that the New York Times did for the Tesla motor company. Tesla, a company which makes high performance electric roadsters, offered the test drive to New York Times reporter John Broder, in order to show off the new high-speed charger infrastructure that the company has installed along the highway between New York City and Boston. But, the test-drive went awry due to the very cold temperatures that significantly reduced the range of the Tesla Model S, causing it’s batteries to die before reaching the second charging station and requiring a tow truck to shuttle the car… Continue reading

Another Tow Truck Driver Killed By Drunk Driver

Another tow truck driver was killed by a drunk driver while providing road side assistance near Newbury Park, California. As is all too common, the tow truck driver who was assisting a driver by hooking up an immobilized car, was hit and killed by an intoxicated passing driver who then fled the scene.

The incident occurred around 9 PM at night, meaning that lack of visibility could have been part of the problem. All towers are reminded (again) that operating at night, especially on the side of a highway is one of the most dangerous situations that a tow truck… Continue reading

For The Towing Industry, How Much Reality Is In ‘Reality TV’?

Reality TV is like a virus that has taken over television and continues to proliferate. The shows are now on nearly every television station. Remember when MTV used to play music videos? It hasn’t in nearly a decade. Having been a pioneer in the reality TV craze, almost all of the shows on the channel are now reality shows. The History Channel? At least half of their programming is reality television (they even changed their slogan to represent the fact that they no longer offer historical programming, it’s now: “History. Made every day.”)

And not only are reality TV shows… Continue reading