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Midwest Slammed With Heavy Snowfall Again, Towers Work To Rescue Stranded Vehicles

Less than a couple days after the Midwest was hit by a foot of snowfall, another large snowstorm has moved in and dumped between 6 and 8 inches of fresh powder on many areas in the region, resulting in mass closings of schools and businesses and requiring local towers to work overtime on vehicle recovery and towing efforts.

Cities across the Midwest have seen record snowfalls in the past week. Kansas City got about 8 inches of snow dumped on them, which was on top of the foot of snowpack already covering the ground. Colorado cities also saw some snowfall, with Denver seeing almost a foot in the past couple days and more forecasted in the future. Cities like Wichita, Kansas and Amarillo, Texas (in the panhandle) also saw record snowfalls as the midwest makes up for missing the northeast Blizzard this past month.

Towing and vehicle recovery efforts continue in areas with record snowfall. (photo by kaitlin.marie via Flickr)

Towing and vehicle recovery efforts continue in areas with record snowfall. (photo by kaitlin.marie via Flickr)

Vehicle recovery crews, including local towers are out in force in many of these locations, helping snow plows and other city workers make the roads safer and assisting motorists who are stuck in the areas which received some of the worst snowfall. AAA reported over 400 requests for road side assistance in the Wichita, Kansas area alone in the past couple days. Most of these calls came from stranded drivers requesting vehicle recovery help from local towing companies. In situations where snowfall has been this heavy, snow plows and road crews typically don’t have time to clear the roads in time for many drivers who decide to commute to work, even in the difficult conditions.

Local towers who are assisting in vehicle recovery efforts will not see much let up in the demand for vehicle recovery in the coming days, either. More snow is in the forecast and areas up in the mountains have been getting so much snowfall that many areas are becoming accessible only by all-wheel drive vehicles with chains or even snowmobiles. In areas where there is significant snow on the ground, drivers are reminded to make sure that their vehicles are sufficiently outfitted for operating in the less-than-ideal conditions. If you don’t have a four-wheel vehicle, all-terrain tires or chains, you might want to think twice about whether you need to brave the conditions.

It’s also a good idea to have a trusted towing company in your cell phone’s contacts in case you do get stuck and require vehicle recovery service.

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