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We Check Changes Name to We Check USA, Goes National

We Check, Inc. was founded to be an organization that could provide towing news and information to both towing professionals and consumers. We Check was to act as a watchdog organization for Colorado towing businesses and a place for towers to develop a community as well as to provide information and news related to the towing business. We Check has now decided that in order to extend this mission to a larger audience, we will be welcoming in all of our fellow towers across America and expanding from covering only Colorado towing to catering to the towing community throughout the… Continue reading

American Towman ShowPlace Trade Show Gets Underway In Las Vegas From May 16-19

The American Towman ShowPlace trade show will be getting underway from May 16-19 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The trade show will feature presentations by towing professionals and exhibitors who will be demoing a wide range of products and services targeted at the towing business. In addition to towing professionals the show is expected to be attended by a number of individuals holding multiple occupations around the towing business.

American Towman is an industry organization which puts out American Towman magazine as well as American Towman TV. The company also organizes the American Towman exposition which is one of… Continue reading

How Dangerous Is Professional Auto Towing?

It’s a good question to ask: How dangerous is the profession of auto towing? Unfortunately, it is not too uncommon to hear of towers getting hurt or killed while doing their work. But, we also hear about violent murders and assaults on the news on a daily basis, and this is despite the fact that violent crimes are down across most of the country. So, is the danger of vehicle towing being trumped up by the media, or is towing really just as dangerous, or even more dangerous, than it seems?

To really answer this question we would need access… Continue reading

Spring Cleaning For Your Tow Truck

Spring is here and that means nicer weather (supposedly) and the perfect time of year to give your wreckers and tow truck fleet a good spring cleaning to get all of that winter dirt and grime off. Giving the interior and exterior of your tow truck a good clean can make you feel better while it brightens up the truck itself and restores its status as the impressive imposing piece of machinery that it is. Keeping your truck fleet clean doesn’t only help to keep everything looking nice, it can also reduce maintenance costs in the long-run and improve the… Continue reading

More Predatory Towing Complaints In Denver

We’ve heard the phrase ‘predatory towing’ used before, but it looks like another story is in the local Denver news which focuses on the practice of some businesses which contract with Colorado towing companies in order to keep parking spots open and available for customers. The practice is not uncommon, and is completely legal in the state. But, a recent story be the local 9News (NBC affiliate) found that while there are signs posted in many of these locations warning potential drivers of the towing that could occur if they are a non-paying customer that parks in the lot, some… Continue reading

That’s Just the Way it Happened

I want to thank We Check Inc. for inducting me as the first honorary driver and thank Michael Stine for his kind and gracious introduction. Being the first inductee is quite humbling and a great honor, which I don’t take lightly.

Although I have been retired for sometime now, I continue to try to keep abreast of what takes place in both the towing and repossession industries. I think We Check Inc, and what it represents is very positive for the towing industry and I will do my best to promote this organization.

I have been asked to tell a… Continue reading

NJ Official Had Ties To Towing Company Accused Of Gouging Customers After Sandy

In towing news out of New Jersey, it appears that an official in Seaside Heights had an association with a towing company which was accused of gouging customers in the wake of the damage of Hurricane Sandy which pummeled the east coast in October of last year.

The man’s name is James Samarelli. He was the town’s emergency management coordinator, during the storm and its aftermath. Mr. Samarelli, it appears, had also been a candidate for a job as a tow truck driver at the APK Auto Repair and Towing company which was accused of charging up to $2,500 for… Continue reading

State Patrol Closes I-25 South of Colorado Springs, Driver’s Cars Held for Ransom

The State Patrol sent out an emergency alert at 11:00 a.m. today to qualified towers in Colorado Springs and Pueblo area after a 60 car pile up at mile marker 108. Because of the cooperation and cross training between State Patrol, County Sheriffs and towing companies across the area, the scene was clean up within 2 hrs and all the drivers were transferred to safe locations. Just Kidding!
That would be a great story but it is not what happened. Motorist were stranded for hours after the incident and their cars were held for ransom. You see for… Continue reading

Utah Towing Bill Waiting For Governor’s Approval

The newest bit of towing news on regulations and towing laws comes Utah, where the governor is set to sign a new bill into law that would further regulate the way a tow operator does business. The bill, House Bill 115, passed the senate this past week with a unanimous vote. The law would require among other things that towing companies accept payments with credit or debit cards in addition to cash, as well as setting a maximum limit on the price of towing.

This change to towing laws in Utah will set a precedent of greater state regulation of… Continue reading

Utah Tow Truck Driver Assaulted

In towing news, a tow truck driver in Provo, Utah was assaulted by a man whose vehicle was booted for being parked illegally on the private property of an apartment complex. The man became very angry when he was told that his vehicle was illegally parked and he would need to pay a fine in order to remove the boot that was immobilizing it. By all accounts the situation was handled in a very professional manner by the tower, who responded in a non-violent way consistent with the best safe towing practices.

Towers are certainly familiar with car owners getting… Continue reading