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How To Get A Job As A Tow Truck Driver In Colorado

If you, or someone you know, is interested in becoming a tow truck driver in the state of Colorado there are a few requirements for being able to legally operate a tow truck and getting hired by a towing company. In Colorado, there is not a separate certification program that is required by the state in order to be able to operate a tow truck. However, some employers may prefer experience operating a tow truck over someone who doesn’t have experience and getting an additional certification (such as the one offered by the TRAA) may give you a leg up so that you can be hired without prior experience.

The one requirement that you will have in order to be able to legally operate a tow truck in Colorado is getting a CDL or commercial driver’s license. The process for getting a CDL isn’t too complicated or expensive. It requires that you visit the (dreaded) DMV and pay a small fee to get the CDL. The DMV will take a look at your driving record and make sure you don’t have any major smudges when it comes to operating a vehicle. You are then given a written test that you must pass with at least 80% accuracy. In addition, there may be a driving test portion of the examination that will likely be administered by a private company that contracts with the state (the state or the DMV does not provide these tests in Colorado). Once you have passed the examination and obtained your CDL, you are legally able to be hired as a tow truck driver.

Yes, you will need to visit the DMV to get your CDL. (photo by brianholcomb via Flickr)

Yes, you will need to visit the DMV to get your CDL. (photo by brianholcomb via Flickr)

Of course, being legal doesn’t mean that you are going to be a qualified tow truck driver out of the gate. You should be able to apply for jobs as a tow truck driver at this point, however. As long as you have a clean driving record, a good attitude and an understanding of the basics, you may be able to get hired on by a Colorado towing company.

After you are hired, the towing company will likely want you to do a bit of on-the-job training before they let you lose on your own. This may involve written tests about towing laws and procedures as well as shadowing an experienced tow truck driver who can show you the in’s and out’s of the job. This shadowing period may last a week or possibly longer and you will probably be initiated into the operation of the tow truck little by little, first merely observing another driver and eventually having them observe you as you operate the tow truck in normal situations.

Once you finish the on-the-job training you will be let loose on your own, but probably still watched over a bit more closely to make sure that you are getting on alright. Don’t forget that operating a tow truck can present safety challenges, so the utmost care should always be taken to ensure that you are following safe towing practices to minimize the chance of injury.

Good luck getting a new job as a tow truck driver and make sure to join the forums and ask questions of the established drivers here at WeCheckInc.com!

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