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Man Arrested In Case Of Murdered Escort Found In Back Of Towed Car

A man has been arrested in connection with a case where an 18-year-old prostitute was found murdered in the backseat of a car in Minnesota. The car had been towed by a towing service, and the tow truck driver appeared to be unaware of the body. The young woman, whose name was Brittany Clardy, had apparently been hired by a man via an online ad. Authorities now suspect that the person who hired, and later murdered Ms. Clardy, was a 23-year-old male who has been wanted for a string of other assaults. The suspect’s name is Alberto Prece Palmer, and police say that he has already admitted to the crime.

According to the information that Palmer gave police, he hired Ms. Clardy via an online posting that she had put up which advertised a massage service. Palmer admitted that he called Ms. Clardy and that she came over to his brother’s house where he was staying and had consensual sex with him, before he ended up in an argument with her and hit her over the head repeatedly with a hammer. Palmer then apparently stashed the body in the back of her mother’s car and covered it with blankets before abandoning it in a parking lot.

Ms. Clardy’s mother said that her daughter had borrowed her car in order to go shopping and had never returned. She didn’t hear anything more until she got a call from the police over a week later, telling her that her abandoned car had been found towed from a parking lot by a tow truck. Apparently, the tow truck driver from the towing service did not notice the body which was hidden under several layers of blankets. Police identified the body as Ms. Clardy’s.

Palmer is also wanted in Georgia for a number of other assaults and is suspected of other crimes as well. The police sergeant, Ernesto Ford said that he believes that there could be other victims. Palmer is also wanted for the rape of another woman, whom he allegedly held captive for over 36 hours. An accomplice of Palmer’s who is also wanted for that attack is still at large and police are searching for him.

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