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Mass Towing In Bridgeport Has Vehicle Owners Angry With City

It seems that these emergency snow contingencies that many cities have in place in order to be able to clear the streets of snow after a large storm are not well-enough publicized for many. Bridgeport connecticut is now in the news, like cities such as Minneapolis before it, for having several hundred vehicles towed in the aftermath of a snow storm that dumped a large amount of snow on the urban area. The city with Bridgeport was faced with towing nearly 500 different vehicles in order to plow both sides of the city’s streets after the snow storm. This equated to total parking fines of almost $75,000.

Again, this is an issue that is contentious for tow truck drivers, because they are the ones tasked with removing these vehicles from the streets when the city fails to adequately explain the details of when and where residents can park on city streets when a winter snow contingency is declared which results in emergency plowing and clearing of the roads. This means a lot of work for the tow operator in terms of car towing. Of course, the city does compensate these towing companies for the auto towing that they are contracted to do, however many of the upset residents end up seeing the tow company as the ‘bad guy’ in some cases, instead of the city.

Tow Truck

Towers should be aware of onerous snow emergency laws. (photo by gvgoebel via Flickr)

Now, there are certainly some situations where some of these individuals may have been aware of the rules for the snow emergency and were just not able to move their vehicle or forgot to move their vehicle, which resulted in the car towing. However, when you see such large numbers of individuals being towed, you have to start to wonder whether or not this is a situation where a few people simply neglected to move their automobiles, or whether it is the city’s fault for not making the rules surrounding the snow emergency more clear to its residents.

As a tow operator which contracts with the city, the law is the law, regardless of whether some locals may be ticked off about the car towing that occurred. But, as we’ve noted before. It is important that we make sure that towing companies are doing what they can to demonstrate a positive image to the general public. If they are part of the situation where 400+ vehicles are towed by an army of tow trucks, there are bound to be individuals who see this as over-agressive behavior by the tow operator and not the fault of the city.

Any time there is mass car towing like in these situations you will end up with some upset individuals. Towers should consider speaking out and perhaps even lobbying for the change of some of these laws which are unfair or ineffective, in order to avoid being demonized themselves.

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