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Which Roadside Assistance Company Is The Best?

Many of us will be stuck on the side of the road for one reason or another at least a few times in our lives. Whether our car just broke down or we just misjudged how far that next gas station was, there are a number of good reasons to have a road side assistance service that can help you get the assistance you need regardless of where you are in the country.

That’s the major advantage of having a road side assistance company. No matter where you are, a good road side assistance company can find a local tow service to help get you and your vehicle to the nearest repair shop or gas station. Or maybe even just help you open that door if you locked your keys inside. But, there are quite a few road side assistance companies gunning for your business these days. Which one is the best?

We’re going to take a look at three of the best road side assistance providers and compare them to give you the information you need to make an informed decision when selecting which membership to go with.

  • AAA – The largest and most popular auto club in America, AAA is the reigning champ of road side assistance providers. They are known for providing excellent service at a reasonable cost. Like most road side assistance providers they will contact a tow service if you need one, provide fuel and lockout services and utilize a network of contractors that spans the country. The cost for a yearly membership varies by region but is usually around $50/year.
  • All State – All State is an insurance company which provides a popular road side assistance service to their policy holders for an additional fee. All State’s service includes locating a local tow operator, fuel delivery and lockout services. It’s worth noting that the annual fee for All State’s road side assistance service is nearly twice that of AAA and they have a cap of $150 on any services (like locksmith services) that they will reimburse. For this reason, they may not be the best option unless you can get a discount on the road side assistance service through your insurance policy.
  • Better World – Better World Auto Club is one of the newer road side assistance services but it has carved out a name for itself by offering “environmentally-friendly” services like bicycle road side assistance. They also sell carbon offsets to their members and provide hybrid rental cars. Some may consider this gimmicky but it has caught on with a number of loyal customers and the company continues to grow. Better World will call tow services, provide fuel and lockout services as well as flat-tire services. Their annual fee is competitive with AAA’s, however they do have a $50 cap on what they will pay for road side assistance calls.

Although, it is worth looking more into the details of each service when you are shopping for a new road side assistance provider, we can say that AAA is probably still the best option for most people, unless you really want that bicycle road side assistance.

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