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It’s That Time Again…

traffic jamThe temperatures are rising and summer is officially here. As you drive down the road you will definitely notice an increase in the number of motorcycles and recreational vehicles out and about enjoying the amazing summer season. You will also notice there are more crews out doing road work and construction.

The statistics prove that traffic is much heavier in the summer than any other time of year and that traffic patterns will change. As the traffic inside the city may die down some, the traffic on interstates and highways increases greatly. In turn the number of accidents also increases… Continue reading

Moving Time

In this college town it is move out time. Recent graduates are moving into their careers and first year students are greeting their parents for that trip home for the summer. U-Hails and trailers are abundant in town, and so are Colorado towing services. Just last night, we watched a trailer being pulled by a tow.

Whether you are traveling from out of town, or your student is venturing to rent the truck and drive it themselves, the added heat and stress of driving a large vehicle makes for more opportunity for break-down and accidents. Keep that towing directory close,… Continue reading

Make Certified Drivers A Mark Checked Off

What are some of the most important things you look for when seeking different types of services? Do you seek out someone you’ve heard was good through a friend or do you have your own checklist? Being a certified driver is a huge one when it comes to towing services. When seeking a tow service, be sure to ask what certifications the drivers have and know which ones are most important to you.

There are a few different types of certified drivers, and a few different ways to get that certification.


1. At the basic level, a driver… Continue reading

You Have a Mechanic, Why Not a Tow Truck Driver?

There are few things in life that are said to be important to have: a good mechanic and a good doctor. The people working on some of your most valuable real estate, you an your vehicle, are people you want to trust and know. You want to feel like you’ve got a friend and partner who is knowledgable and reliable. We invest in these relationships so that we can receive the best service when we need it.

Having a go-to tow truck driver is also a great relationship to build, especially when you are faced with a freak weather incident.… Continue reading

Towing Companies in New Orleans Band Together to Help Find A Missing Woman and Her Vehicle

à bord du précipiceA 26 year old elementary school teacher suddenly vanished after leaving an area bar in Lakeview, Louisiana on March 2nd. Security cameras were able to capture her driving in the direction of her home, but she never made it.
For over two months, with over 8 detectives assigned to the case at one point, they had been unable to identify any suspects or any clear idea of what happened to 26 year old Terrilynn Monette. They are still not ruling out the idea of foul play, but believe that she may have been involved in an accident and are currently… Continue reading

Support Local Services in Your Area

Have you ever found yourself taking a taxi or using a service owned by a large, nationwide company? Often, you get stuck taking a wrong turn or not knowing that a certain road is closed this week. The driver is using a GPS system, but they don’t know the back roads or the best way to get around. That’s why finding a local towing company is important when you need to transport your car around town. A lot of companies charge by the mile, and if you take the GPS route that’s taking the main drag, you may find you’re… Continue reading

Gear Up For Memorial Day and Avoid Needing Roadside Assistance

It is finally here. Can you believe it? Summer. Summer. Summer. In all of it’s warmth, and travel, and vacations, and sweet summertime glory. It feels like we have just been tricked over and over this spring (especially with those snow storms) into believing it wasn’t coming. But, Memorial Day is finally here this weekend, and the official kick-off to summer. If you are planning on braving the gas prices and taking your first long weekend of the summer, here are a few tips to avoid needing to call on roadside assistance:

Get your oil changed

It has been hot,… Continue reading

Towing Prices

Inevitably, we have probably all been in a place where we realize we spent too much on something. We didn’t research because we were in a hurry or frazzled, and then we got home, and our friends told us all the alternatives that didn’t cost half as much.

Recently, in Towing News, Birmingham, Alabama, decided to put a cap on towing prices within city limits. If you aren’t lucky enough to live within these city limits, consider some other options when calling around to towing services.


1. Ask if there is a flat city rate

Often, companies offer a… Continue reading

Flat Tire Instructions For Every Teen

Does your teenager know how to deal with a flat tire? Do you trust them to be able to remain safe and calm in that situation? Do you want them to know how to change the tire or how to get help? Figure out where you stand before approaching the conversation. Chances are, when it comes down to it, your tenn might forget how to change the tire correctly, so you may want to have an alternate plan in place.

Here are some simple tips and conversation points to cover when going over flat tires with your teen:

1. Keep… Continue reading

Five Jobs A CDL is Required For

In this economy people are getting creative with their careers. We don’t have to follow the typical path our parents did, and we can make choices to support ourselves that make sense. Taking a risk is a part of the tapestry now, and there’s a few things you can do to market yourself even more. Companies see hundreds of applicants for a single postion, but there is one, simple way to stand out, getting your CDL, or Commercial Driver’s License. There’s a ton of jobs that this is required for, and a lot of money to be made doing it.… Continue reading