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Third-Party Review And Dispute Resolution Process Could Help Hold Towing Companies Accountable

Like any other business, a towing company has to deal with many situations in which it can be difficult to fully understand where the other side is coming from. This ‘other side’ as far as a towing company is concerned would be the clients and customers that the business serves. It’s well-known that the businesses which have their fingers most firmly planted on the pulse of their customers and clients (and thus know how they feel and what they want) are often the most successful.


1371325638096This is why it is so beneficial to provide a forum for towing reviews… Continue reading

Information Regarding the San Antonio Tow Show

As you know the We Check team just made a trip down to San Antonio, Texas to attend the Tow Expo International tow show.

Tow Expo International

Tow Expo International

Agero's Display

Agero’s Display

The show was held at the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center and turned out to be very fun and informative. There were several very well known roadside assistance providers and motor clubs in attendance, including AAA Texas, Agero and Road America. There were also several insurance companies with booths set up to answer any questions that one may have about the current requirements for towing companies in Texas. There were… Continue reading


Setting Sun on Settling Barn ~ Explored

Photography by Tiwago via Compfight

Back in 1973, there was a debtor who was always delinquent on his loans.  I had repossessed many vehicles from this guy, including cars, motorcycles and a camper trailer.  There was always something out for repo and I thought about putting him on my Christmas Card List as he made me a lot of money!  The truth of the matter is, he was a very nice gentleman and extremely likable.  But, he would never surrender a unit and I always had to go and find the repo of the month.

 … Continue reading

For A Tow Truck Driver, Dangers Don’t Only Come From The Road

It’s well-known that being a tow truck driver can be a hazardous occupation at times. You have to be skillful and experienced in order to properly operate the piece of heavy machinery that is a tow truck. You also need to be ever-vigilant in order to make sure that you engage in safe towing practices to protect yourself and your clients when operating on a busy road. But, for many tow truck drivers, the dangers of their job don’t only come from the road.


1378301_12811416It’s not too uncommon to hear of tow truck drivers who have been threatened or… Continue reading

Tow Truck Falls Through Sinkhole In South Carolina

You never know what is going to happen on the job when you are a tow truck driver. It looks like one tower in South Carolina got a nasty surprise when he discovered that his tow truck had fallen through a sinkhole in the road!

The incident occurred at an intersection in Lexington, South Carolina. After driving through the intersection the tow truck driver felt the rear of his truck fall through the road as a large sinkhole opened up and nearly swallowed his truck whole. “I felt my back end go, heard a bunch of screams around me,” the… Continue reading

Strange And Interesting Towing Setups: Part 1

The commercial towing industry has been around for nearly 100 years. Its rise and proliferation mirrors (not so coincidentally) the rise of the automobile in this country. And in a country that is dominated by automobile transportation, the towing industry continues to provide an important service to millions of motorists who rely on tow trucks and services to ensure the reliability of their favorite means of transportation.

But, the act of towing itself is something that has been around for even longer than the commercial towing industry. Even today, towing is something that many people undertake on their own in… Continue reading

We Check Team in San Antonio

Down Town San Antonio

Down Town San Antonio

The We Check Team arrived in beautiful San Antonio, Texas today to attend the infamous Tow Expo International tow show. We will not set up a booth, as we are attending to gain more knowledge about the towing industry in Texas and network with other towing companies.

Every state has different laws, rules and regulations that towing companies are to abide by. We Check Inc was first established based upon the towing laws in Colorado and went national earlier in the year.  By attending tow shows in other states it… Continue reading

Tow Truck Driver Finds Toddler Alone In Illegally Parked Car

A tow truck driver in Corpus Christi, Texas found a toddler alone in a car that was parked illegally outside a housing complex over the past weekend. The tow operator was photographing the vehicle in preparation to tow it for being illegally parked when he noticed that there was a small child inside the vehicle. The mother is now under investigation by Child Protective Services for abusive behavior. Even though she appealed that she had only been gone for a couple minutes the tow truck driver said it was much longer than that because he waited before starting to hook… Continue reading

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Tow Trucks And Towing

If you’re like most Americans, you own a car. And if you own a car, chances are sooner or later you’re going to be visited by a friendly tow truck driver. Hopefully, that visit will be initiated by your phone call for help if you are stranded or stuck somewhere and not by a tow ordered by police or private property owners who weren’t too pleased with where you parked. But, either way, most Americans will require the services of a tow truck and its driver at least a few times in their lives.

But, how much do you really… Continue reading


harvest 2

Creative Commons License David McDermott via Compfight

In 1968 there was a landscaping company that went belly up and they had a lot of rolling stock in their inventory which needed to be repossessed.  Quite a few of these vehicles were being driven by former employees and the owner.  We were able to locate quite a few of these vehicles easily and some we could not find at all.  I did catch up with a former employee who was a very nice man.  He asked me if there was any way that he could purchase the… Continue reading