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Raising The Next Generation Of Tow Truck Drivers

As tow truck drivers many of us have a real passion for what we do for a living. And why not? Towers get to provide a much needed service that is an essential part of living in an automobile obsessed society. They may not be as celebrated as other emergency responders and service men and women such as firefighters or police officers, but the services they provide are just as important.


1428222_97938178So, when it comes to raising the next generation of tow truck drivers and towers, how do we make sure that our kids see this profession as a worthwhile and honorable one to pursue? How do we teach the importance of a career in tow service?


There are many ways to do this and it can be achieved in both a personal way and in a more public way. Of course, children will naturally become curious about the work their parents do, and when your children ask questions about your job the way you speak about it and portray will have a huge effect on that child. Teaching children about what it means to work as a tow truck driver is something that will naturally happen for towers with kids. It is important to be mindful of the way that you speak to children about tow service.


Another more visible way of exposing children to the job of being a tow truck driver is to hold something like a truck exposition. These have been held in various locations across the US and include tow truck drivers usually along with firefighters, ambulance drivers/paramedics and even helicopter pilots who park their vehicles in a public location and allow kids to explore them in a supervised and safe situation. This can really encourage children to look more into these kinds of professions that sometimes are looked over by a country that sometimes has a shortsighted view that the only jobs worth getting are the ones that require a college degree.


What do you think about how kids (yours or others) perceive your job as a tow truck driver? What can we do to better teach children about tow service and other direct service jobs? Sound off in the message boards.


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