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Tennessee Tow Truck Driver Suspected Of Hit-And-Run

In recent towing news, a tow truck driver who was employed by the towing company All-In-One Towing in Tennessee is suspected of taking part in a hit-and-run incident which eventually led to a high-speed car chase as the victim attempted to pursue the driver.


photo_2092_20070112.jpgThe incident took place in Chattanooga, Tennessee just north of the John Ross Bridge near the intersection of Frazier Ave and N Market St a couple weeks ago. Sandra Patterson of Chattanooga said that she was simply idling at a red light and the next thing she was aware of a tow truck driver had plowed into her Ford Expedition.


The impact scared Patterson, but that fear soon turned into outrage as the tow truck driver simply took off rather than stopping to see if everyone was alright. So, Patterson decided to take matters into her own hands and pursue the truck. She also decided to call 911 and the dispatcher recorded her remarks as she was pursuing the tow truck driver.


On the call, Patterson told dispatchers at the police station that she was pursuing the tow truck driver with another driver who also was hit by the truck. The dispatcher immediately told Patterson that she was dispatching police units and to stop the pursuit in her own vehicle. Although, reluctant at first to stop chasing the truck, Patterson eventually relented and wrote down the license plate number and name of the towing company instead.


The plot thickens further from there. When the towing company was contacted by the police, the manager, Paul Bailes, told police that the truck was stolen. Police officer Kevin Flanagan was not so sure, however. “I feel like he’s not going to learn his lesson if [he’s not punished],” he told Channel 9 News.


At this time the tow truck driver remains at large, although a warrant is out for his arrest. The towing company is still fighting to clear their name with police.


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