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Van Rollover Injures 15 And Kills One Outside Of Fort Lauderdale

In towing news, a major traffic incident in Lauderhill just west of Fort Lauderdale, Florida resulted in 15 injuries and one death as a van carrying members of a Lauderhill church crashed on Interstate 75. Lauderhill is just west of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and was also the site of an incident we reported on where a professor was run over by a towing company while trying to prevent his car from being towed earlier this year.


(photo by  iwanp via Flickr)

(photo by iwanp via Flickr)

This accident occurred as a van of churchgoers were headed to Tampa Bay for a Haitian Seventh-day Adventists convention. Unfortunately, the van blew out a tire on the highway while travelling at speed and ended up flipping over and eventually crashing.


Emergency responders, including nearly a dozen ambulances and local towing company C&C Towing were on the scene within minutes to assist the wounded passengers and clean up the debris of the accident. The incident, which was initially reported on by Tampa Bay local news outlet 10News, also featured a picture showing a tow crew member trying to extricate a piece of the wrecked van from within its flipped over position.


The 15 injured passengers were rushed to a nearby hospital and treated for the usual wounds. The injured ranged in age from 2 to 62 years old according to reports from the Florida Highway Patrol, also on the scene to help assist with the accident response.


The most tragic piece of this towing news and the accident in Lauderhill was the death of 20-year-old Nostra Damas (yes, that’s the name as resported by 10News). Damas was apparently a young Haitian male who was very involved in his church congregation, including singing in the youth choir.

While workers from the towing company and other emergency responders continued to clean up the debris from the accident which happened late on Saturday evening, the injured were being treated at a nearby hospital, with special care being provided for the youngest victim, 2-year-old Claudine Aveske who was airlifted to a nearby hospital with what were described as ‘critical injuries’. Hopefully, she will be okay with the rest of the injured although an update on their status was not available from officials when we last looked at our towing news wire.

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