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Where Are Towing Fees the Highest?

morningscape #1As we all know the cost of living varies greatly from state to state, and city to city, but what about the cost of towing? After doing some research I was able to find two cities where the cost of a tow is considered to be the highest.
The cost of a tow varies and is based upon many different factors. Depending on the reason for the tow, how far the vehicle is being towed, what type of vehicle is being towed and the equipment needed for the tow are a few of the things that are added up to… Continue reading

Florida Trying to Raise Publics Awareness of the Move Over Law

max speed 15 km/hThe recent increase of death or injury to emergency workers has one state trying to make more people aware of the Move Over law. As everyone knows this is a topic that I am frequently posting about, but it is for a reason.
According to the Florida Department of Transportation there have been eight emergency workers hit within the last two years while working on the side of Florida’s highways. That is eight people in one state, and in Florida’s opinion and my own as well that is eight people too many.
According to emergency workers, the problem is that… Continue reading

Another Tow Operator Injured Due to Driver Neglecting the Move Over Law

Ambulance NSW Photo Shoot 2I know that the Move Over Law that most states carry is a topic that I have discussed several times in many of my articles, but the fact is that many drivers are not following their states Move Over law. These laws were created and implemented for a reason. These laws are put in place to make emergency workers jobs as safe as possible and in most states these Move Over laws do include tow trucks and roadside assistance vehicles with their emergency lights on.
Less than a week ago a tow truck operator in Florida was struck by a… Continue reading

Tow Truck Driver Saves The Life Of Good Samaritan

Here’s a bit of positive news that we’re happy to bring to you to kind of balance out some of the negative towing news about a number of companies as of late. We’ve discussed a few different times, why a lot of news about towing tends to cast the industry in a somewhat negative light, so I won’t rehash all of that here. But, we do have quite a story for you today. It involves a tow truck driver who stepped in to save the life of another brave man who was responding to an auto accident.

Dennis Underwood, a… Continue reading

Police Searching for Driver Involved in Hit and Run

Kevin Gebhardt: Three Years in ImagesAt around 3 a.m a tow truck driver in Kendall, Florida was assisting a vehicle that had caught fire along the Don Shula Expressway. As he started to assist the driver, a vehicle drove into the emergency lane and struck the tow truck driver. Tragically, the tow truck driver was killed. The driver being assisted was not injured.
The person driving the vehicle drove off, leaving the scene of the horrific accident they caused. The investagators are looking for an older model BMW, dark in color, possibly burgundy or maroon. They say the vehicle will most likely have damage to… Continue reading

Woman Tries to Avoid Having Car Repossesed

Surrey RCMPA woman from New Jersey was recently arrested, as she was accused of causing damage to a tow truck while having her car repossessed  The woman’s car was already hooked to the driver’s truck when she attempted to drive the vehicle away.
After her third attempt at driving the 2004 Chrysler Pacifica away, she snapped the cables attaching her vehicle to the tow truck and drove away. The woman was pulled over shortly after the incident, with the broken cable still in tow behind her vehicle.
The incident caused about $4,000 worth of damage to the tow truck… Continue reading

Complaints About Illegal Towing Prompt Police To Investigate Towing Company In Gainesville, Florida

A towing company in Gainesville Florida is under fire for breaking towing laws that relate to towing cars when they were legally parked and also retitling some of the recovered vehicles in the name of the company without going through the proper processes to legally do so. The tow service, Advantage Towing, is being investigated by Gainesville Police for multiple violations and complaints that were received over an extended period.

The most recent step that police have taken in an effort to get to the bottom of the complaints about illegal towing is to undertake a thorough search of the… Continue reading

How To Avoid A Repossession Of Your Vehicle

If you are late on a payment for your auto loan, you may be worried that your vehicle will be repossessed by the lender. In most situations, lenders do not even need to notify a court of law or get permission from a legal authority to repossess a vehicle after you default on your auto loan. The thinking behind this is that doing so would provide car owners with the opportunity to hide or damage the vehicle prior to its being recovered.

In most cases, after a certain number of payments have been missed and you have been notified that… Continue reading

Tow Show Coming to Denver- Hosted by TRPC

Views from the Mile HighFrom June 9th-15th the 2013 Colorado Tow Show will be held at the Jefferson County Fair Grounds. The tow show is hosted by the TRPC, and will include industry vendors and a variety of things to learn about and do. The tow show is a great place to meet many other people and companies involved in the towing industry. There will be Wreck Master training courses and many other educational tools to help you build your business.

The vendors will be presenting on Friday, June 14th from 1:00 PM -4:00 PM and on Saturday, June 15th from 9:00 AM-4:00 PM.… Continue reading

Bringing More Positive Press To The Towing Industry

One of the most interesting things about covering the towing industry is that just by looking at news coverage you might get the impression that towing services are almost universally reviled. That’s because there seems to be much more negative press coverage than positive press coverage of towers and the towing industry. Part of this may be explained by the fact that the towing industry doesn’t seem to be newsworthy unless someone is hurt, killed or ripped off. So, when one is browsing the news and every article about towing seems to fall under one of these three categories, it… Continue reading