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For A Tow Truck Driver, Dangers Don’t Only Come From The Road

It’s well-known that being a tow truck driver can be a hazardous occupation at times. You have to be skillful and experienced in order to properly operate the piece of heavy machinery that is a tow truck. You also need to be ever-vigilant in order to make sure that you engage in safe towing practices to protect yourself and your clients when operating on a busy road. But, for many tow truck drivers, the dangers of their job don’t only come from the road.


1378301_12811416It’s not too uncommon to hear of tow truck drivers who have been threatened or… Continue reading

Tow Truck Falls Through Sinkhole In South Carolina

You never know what is going to happen on the job when you are a tow truck driver. It looks like one tower in South Carolina got a nasty surprise when he discovered that his tow truck had fallen through a sinkhole in the road!

The incident occurred at an intersection in Lexington, South Carolina. After driving through the intersection the tow truck driver felt the rear of his truck fall through the road as a large sinkhole opened up and nearly swallowed his truck whole. “I felt my back end go, heard a bunch of screams around me,” the… Continue reading

Strange And Interesting Towing Setups: Part 1

The commercial towing industry has been around for nearly 100 years. Its rise and proliferation mirrors (not so coincidentally) the rise of the automobile in this country. And in a country that is dominated by automobile transportation, the towing industry continues to provide an important service to millions of motorists who rely on tow trucks and services to ensure the reliability of their favorite means of transportation.

But, the act of towing itself is something that has been around for even longer than the commercial towing industry. Even today, towing is something that many people undertake on their own in… Continue reading

Tow Truck Driver Finds Toddler Alone In Illegally Parked Car

A tow truck driver in Corpus Christi, Texas found a toddler alone in a car that was parked illegally outside a housing complex over the past weekend. The tow operator was photographing the vehicle in preparation to tow it for being illegally parked when he noticed that there was a small child inside the vehicle. The mother is now under investigation by Child Protective Services for abusive behavior. Even though she appealed that she had only been gone for a couple minutes the tow truck driver said it was much longer than that because he waited before starting to hook… Continue reading

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Tow Trucks And Towing

If you’re like most Americans, you own a car. And if you own a car, chances are sooner or later you’re going to be visited by a friendly tow truck driver. Hopefully, that visit will be initiated by your phone call for help if you are stranded or stuck somewhere and not by a tow ordered by police or private property owners who weren’t too pleased with where you parked. But, either way, most Americans will require the services of a tow truck and its driver at least a few times in their lives.

But, how much do you really… Continue reading

Tow Truck Driver Helps Police Capture Burglar In Gainesville, Florida

In today’s towing news, a story of a tow truck driver who helped police in Gainesville, Florida capture a burglar who was trying to get away with two flat-screen televisions that he had stolen from an apartment. The man, Roshon Thomas, was finally captured by police after a long chase that included him temporarily taking refuge in two different apartment units.

The tow truck driver, who was not identified by the Gainesville Sun which broke the story, noticed the man leaving the apartment complex with a flat-screen television under each arm and alerted police who were driving by.

Gainesville, Florida. (photo by  Naufragio via Flickr)

Gainesville, Florida.… Continue reading

Choosing The Right Vehicle For Towing Your Trailer

As part of an effort to broaden the topics that we cover on this side and to appeal to more regular average day drivers in addition to professional towers, we have been doing a few posts on consumer towing–or towing with a normal passenger vehicle like a light truck or SUV. Today, we’re going to talk a bit about how to choose the right vehicle to tow your trailer. This can be an important decision and you’ll want to make the right choice in order to ensure reliable and safe towing.

There are many considerations to take into account when… Continue reading

Florida Woman Accused Of Attempted Filicide Steals Tow Truck

Here’s a piece of towing news that’s a bit out of left field. It looks like a woman who previously attempted to kill her own children has now been arrested again on charges of grand theft auto for stealing a tow truck in Florida. The woman, Angela Estrella, who is 37 years old, was driving in a rental car when she broke down on the interstate. She then called for a tow, but when the tow truck driver showed up she waited until he was out of the vehicle and on the phone and jumped in his truck and drove… Continue reading

The Dangers Of Road Side Assistance

One of the most dangerous parts of being a tow truck driver is assisting drivers on the side of a busy road or highway. This is consistently an area where first-responders, including firefighters, police and tow truck drivers are killed by passing vehicles that don’t notice those on the road side.

This is always tragic no matter who it happens to, but perhaps more so when a good samaritan who is just trying to help gets injured or killed in this manner. Although the life of a tow truck driver is certainly no less important, at least the driver knows… Continue reading

Montgomery Mayor Considers Towing Unlicensed Drivers

There are a variety of reasons that your vehicle might get towed. You could simply break down and need it transported to the nearest auto shop. You may have parked illegally. But, most cities won’t tow a vehicle simply because a driver doesn’t have his or her license at the time they are stopped by police. However, the mayor of Montgomery, Alabama may change that in his town.

Mayor Todd Strange is tired of the number of residents in his town who are driving without the proper license or who lack the required liability insurance. So, his newest solution is… Continue reading