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Third-Party Review And Dispute Resolution Process Could Help Hold Towing Companies Accountable

Like any other business, a towing company has to deal with many situations in which it can be difficult to fully understand where the other side is coming from. This ‘other side’ as far as a towing company is concerned would be the clients and customers that the business serves. It’s well-known that the businesses which have their fingers most firmly planted on the pulse of their customers and clients (and thus know how they feel and what they want) are often the most successful.


1371325638096This is why it is so beneficial to provide a forum for towing reviews… Continue reading

For A Tow Truck Driver, Dangers Don’t Only Come From The Road

It’s well-known that being a tow truck driver can be a hazardous occupation at times. You have to be skillful and experienced in order to properly operate the piece of heavy machinery that is a tow truck. You also need to be ever-vigilant in order to make sure that you engage in safe towing practices to protect yourself and your clients when operating on a busy road. But, for many tow truck drivers, the dangers of their job don’t only come from the road.


1378301_12811416It’s not too uncommon to hear of tow truck drivers who have been threatened or… Continue reading

What Does It Mean To Provide Good Service As A Tow Truck Driver?

The towing industry and good customer service aren’t exactly synonymous to most people. Why is this? And more importantly, does it need to be that way? We definitely don’t think so. We know some tow services that provide excellent customer service and we think that they can provide an excellent model for the rest of the industry to follow in terms of ensuring positive customer experience and providing good service.

There two major things that go into providing good service as a tow truck driver. The first is being reliable and the second is providing a good customer experience. The… Continue reading

Bringing More Positive Press To The Towing Industry

One of the most interesting things about covering the towing industry is that just by looking at news coverage you might get the impression that towing services are almost universally reviled. That’s because there seems to be much more negative press coverage than positive press coverage of towers and the towing industry. Part of this may be explained by the fact that the towing industry doesn’t seem to be newsworthy unless someone is hurt, killed or ripped off. So, when one is browsing the news and every article about towing seems to fall under one of these three categories, it… Continue reading

More Predatory Towing Complaints In Denver

We’ve heard the phrase ‘predatory towing’ used before, but it looks like another story is in the local Denver news which focuses on the practice of some businesses which contract with Colorado towing companies in order to keep parking spots open and available for customers. The practice is not uncommon, and is completely legal in the state. But, a recent story be the local 9News (NBC affiliate) found that while there are signs posted in many of these locations warning potential drivers of the towing that could occur if they are a non-paying customer that parks in the lot, some… Continue reading

Is Towing Too Expensive?

One of the complaints that customers typically levy against a towing company is that the services that are provided are too expensive. Is this really the case? How do we define too expensive? Is it too expensive if it is a penny more than the vehicle owner would prefer to pay? Is it too expensive if the tow service tacks on many unjustified fees? How are these prices set anyway?

The fact is that in most areas towing is a fairly competitive industry. There are a number of towing companies and the competition between them keeps the price lower. Additionally,… Continue reading

Parking Wars

The towing and recovery industry provides an essential service to keep the roads clear, enforce parking and traffic laws, assist first-responders in emergencies, help recover vehicles that have gone off the road and more. But, many of us are aware that even in providing all of these useful services the industry suffers from a somewhat negative image in the minds of many drivers and vehicle owners. Oftentimes, car owners merely see the towing industry as their adversary in a city-wide parking war, rather than a productive industry providing crucial services.

Car towing, even if it was legal towing and completely… Continue reading

AAA Releases Statistics About Number Of Road Side Assistance Calls And Tows In 2012

According to statistics recently released by the popular road side assistance and automotive club AAA, the company received nearly 30 million road side assistance calls in 2012, with 12 million of those calls requiring a towing company to tow the vehicle to a service center or local repair shop for help. AAA says that 58% of the calls were breakdowns or other issues where the technician who arrived on the scene was able to solve the problem and have the vehicle owner drive away from the scene, without requiring a tow from a towing company.

AAA is the most popular… Continue reading

When Is A Tow Justified: The Difference Between Legality And Ethics

The question of when a tow is justified may seem to be an easy one at first glance, but let’s examine the nitty gritty of this rhetorical question. Obviously, a tow that is requested by the vehicle’s owner and is within the bounds of Colorado towing laws is a justified and proper tow. This is not something which is really questioned. The murkier situation is when a vehicle is towed without the consent of its owner. In this context, there may arise a situation where a tow is actually within the bounds of the law, but perhaps not in the… Continue reading

Complaints Against Colorado Towing Companies On The Rise?

A story which was published by Denver’s CBS4 affiliate asserts that towing complaints against Colorado towing services are on the rise. The story cites the fact that the Better Business Bureau apparently has more towing companies with an ‘F’ rating than it does accredited towing companies. While that is certainly something that is alarming, it is worth noting that it is still anecdotal evidence and doesn’t provide any proof that the number of complaints against Colorado towing services for illegal towing or other reasons is actually on the rise.

The Better Business Bureau is an organization which attempts… Continue reading