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Parking Wars

The towing and recovery industry provides an essential service to keep the roads clear, enforce parking and traffic laws, assist first-responders in emergencies, help recover vehicles that have gone off the road and more. But, many of us are aware that even in providing all of these useful services the industry suffers from a somewhat negative image in the minds of many drivers and vehicle owners. Oftentimes, car owners merely see the towing industry as their adversary in a city-wide parking war, rather than a productive industry providing crucial services.

Car towing, even if it was legal towing and completely… Continue reading

Towing Companies Demand Fair Rotation For City-Contracted Jobs

When a city needs a tow service, perhaps in the aftermath of an auto accident or when an abandoned car needs to be moved, it will typically contract with a private towing company since few cities have towers on staff. However, it seems that in several cases across the country, cities are neglecting to fairly distribute city-contracted towing and vehicle recovery business among each qualified towing company in the area.

The most recent example of this type of situation comes from complaints of several towing companies in Bath, New York. The companies are charging the city with unfairly distributing business… Continue reading

When Is A Tow Justified: The Difference Between Legality And Ethics

The question of when a tow is justified may seem to be an easy one at first glance, but let’s examine the nitty gritty of this rhetorical question. Obviously, a tow that is requested by the vehicle’s owner and is within the bounds of Colorado towing laws is a justified and proper tow. This is not something which is really questioned. The murkier situation is when a vehicle is towed without the consent of its owner. In this context, there may arise a situation where a tow is actually within the bounds of the law, but perhaps not in the… Continue reading

Snow Emergencies Can Result In Mass Towing

Although Colorado has seen quite a bit less snow this year than is normal, other parts of the country have not had the same experience. New England got nailed by a blizzard which dumped almost two feet of snow in some areas, and other cities like Minneapolis and elsewhere have seen significant snowfall accumulation. With snowy and wintry road conditions, towing operators typically have their work cut out for them. Calls are more frequent, meaning that a tow service can expect not to have a lot of down time. This is especially the case when a town or city declares… Continue reading

A Closer Look At The Rise In Towing Complaints In Denver Area

In a previous post, we discussed the reported increase in consumer complaints against towing companies in Colorado. The news article which cited the increase in complaints focused mostly on the Denver metropolitan area. The report by the Denver local CBS affiliate, CBS4, reports that Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has seen the number of towing-related complaints rise from around 300 complaints in 2007-8, to nearly twice that number in the last two years.

In the last post, we pointed out that many complaints that are received from about towing companies can be due to the fact that vehicle owners are… Continue reading

Complaints Against Colorado Towing Companies On The Rise?

A story which was published by Denver’s CBS4 affiliate asserts that towing complaints against Colorado towing services are on the rise. The story cites the fact that the Better Business Bureau apparently has more towing companies with an ‘F’ rating than it does accredited towing companies. While that is certainly something that is alarming, it is worth noting that it is still anecdotal evidence and doesn’t provide any proof that the number of complaints against Colorado towing services for illegal towing or other reasons is actually on the rise.

The Better Business Bureau is an organization which attempts… Continue reading

We Check Is Not The First Towing Watchdog But It Is The Most Comprehensive

As you know, We Check was created in order to make sure that Colorado towing services are in compliance with all applicable towing laws. Being in compliance means that towing companies must also have insurance and the required bond in addition to following towing laws and being permitted by the Colorado PUC and DOT. Companies that do not follow these regulations are operating illegally and could be putting their employees and customers at risk.

This is why We Check was created. Our goal is to make sure that illegal towing is stamped out in Colorado, and that companies that are… Continue reading

‘Aggressive Towing’ Causing Municipalities To Change Towing Laws

Towing a vehicle while the owner is not present is always one of the more difficult and controversial situations that a tow operator faces. In many cases, tow companies have a contract with property owners or homeowner’s associations to monitor and enforce parking rules by towing those who violate the rules, usually without their knowledge or consent. This type of arrangement is seen as legitimate by both the property managers and the towing companies in order to enforce parking rules and ensure that vehicle owners do not park where they should not, or in a manner which may block other… Continue reading

New Proposed Rule Would Ban Towers From Towing Without Specific Request

A new rule which was published by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) would change the towing regulations surrounding when, and in what fashion, it is permissible to tow a vehicle from private property.

The proposed rule, which was published on January 25th, prohibits towing operations from towing a vehicle from private property without being requested to do so by the owner of the property or an agent from the applicable property management company or association. As many towing companies currently contract with property owners, homeowner’s associations and property management companies to provide vehicle towing services in the event… Continue reading

Lauderhill Professor’s Family Files Suit Against Towing Company Regarding Death

The death of a Keiser University professor, Elias Konwufine, which we have been following for several days now has some interesting new developments which shed some light on exactly what happened the day that Konwufine was killed by being run over by his own Mercedes-Benz, while it was being towed away from outside of his home.

Now, Konwufine’s family has filed a lawsuit against Superior Lock & Roadside Assistance LLC, which was doing business as Capitol Towing. The lawsuit also names a generic tow truck driver ‘John Doe’ who previously identified himself to media as ‘Ken’. According to the… Continue reading