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How To Get A Job As A Tow Truck Driver In Colorado

If you, or someone you know, is interested in becoming a tow truck driver in the state of Colorado there are a few requirements for being able to legally operate a tow truck and getting hired by a towing company. In Colorado, there is not a separate certification program that is required by the state in order to be able to operate a tow truck. However, some employers may prefer experience operating a tow truck over someone who doesn’t have experience and getting an additional certification (such as the one offered by the TRAA) may give you a leg up… Continue reading

5 Tips For Long Distance Towing

There are many reasons why you may need to get your car towed long distance. Perhaps you recently took a job and needed to relocate quickly, without all the trouble of moving all of your stuff and, in the process, you left your car behind. You could always get a friend to drive your car to you, but that might be a high order if you have moved from one coast to another. Not to mention the fact that the gas cost alone may be so expensive that it is more cost efficient to pay a towing company.

So, once… Continue reading

Tow Truck Driver Wasn’t Aware of NYT Tesla Electric Car Controversy

A recent test drive that the New York Times did for the Tesla motor company. Tesla, a company which makes high performance electric roadsters, offered the test drive to New York Times reporter John Broder, in order to show off the new high-speed charger infrastructure that the company has installed along the highway between New York City and Boston. But, the test-drive went awry due to the very cold temperatures that significantly reduced the range of the Tesla Model S, causing it’s batteries to die before reaching the second charging station and requiring a tow truck to shuttle the car… Continue reading

Many New England Blizzard Deaths Were Avoidable

Winter Storm Nemo, the blizzard which rocked the east coast over this past weekend, was the cause of more than a dozen tragic and unnecessary deaths. Many of these deaths were caused by a failure to understand the dangers posed by running vehicles in blizzard and white-out conditions. In particular, carbon monoxide poisoning from car engines, the leading killer in these types of conditions, claimed several lives.

There are several major dangers in blizzard and post-blizzard conditions. Among them are falls, car accidents and exposure. But, carbon monoxide poisoning is the most dangerous, as pointed out by Eric Lavonas,… Continue reading

10 Safety Suggestions to Help Save Your Life

Companies who require their drivers to put vehicles in “Park” after loading are asking them to walk on the bed, setting themselves up for a workers’ compensation claim. If company policy also requires the tower to use a 4-point tie-down, as required by federal law, there is no real need to place the vehicle in “Park”… Continue Reading

The Hawk and the Squirrels

Some time ago I looked out the back window to see a hawk sitting on our back fence. We have several in the neighborhood, but rarely do we see it perched lower than the highest limbs, surveying its territory.

I opened the sliding glass door quietly, hoping not to scare it away and walked out onto the back porch for a closer, clearer look… Continue Reading

11th Chicago Police Officer Charged With Extorting Money From Tow Operators

An FBI investigation has uncovered an extortion attempt by a Chicago police officer who was trying to extract a cash bribe from a tow operator in exchange for steering business to his tow service. The charges also mention that the same officer illegally sold three firearms to the tow truck driver, who is a convicted felon. It seems that the officer, Ali Haleem, is not alone in these types of actions within the Chicago police department.

Haleem is the 11th officer who has been charged as part of an ongoing FBI investigation known as ‘Operation Tow Scam’. When Haleem was… Continue reading

Lauderhill Professor’s Family Files Suit Against Towing Company Regarding Death

The death of a Keiser University professor, Elias Konwufine, which we have been following for several days now has some interesting new developments which shed some light on exactly what happened the day that Konwufine was killed by being run over by his own Mercedes-Benz, while it was being towed away from outside of his home.

Now, Konwufine’s family has filed a lawsuit against Superior Lock & Roadside Assistance LLC, which was doing business as Capitol Towing. The lawsuit also names a generic tow truck driver ‘John Doe’ who previously identified himself to media as ‘Ken’. According to the… Continue reading

‘Lizard Lick Towing’ Reality Show Breaking Viewership Records

Reality-television is certainly surprising some with its staying power. Initially, it seemed like a fad that would peter out after a few years. But, that analysis couldn’t have been farther from the reality (no pun intended). At this point it certainly seems to be here to stay for the foreseeable future, and the diversity of subjects covered is astounding. There seems to be a reality show for just about any situation, interest or niche. That now includes towing.

The reality-TV series ‘Lizard Lick Towing’ on TruTV is breaking viewership records. Nearly 3 million viewers watched the last episode of the… Continue reading

Details of Professor’s Death Ignites Controversy, Raises More Questions

The incident last Friday in which a man died in a towing accident outside of Fort Lauderdale, Florida has ignited controversy about towing practices and policies in the area.

The man, Elias Konwufine, was a professor and dean of the Business School at Keiser University. Since, the news broke a few days ago about the incident more developments have come to light that raise some important questions about the details surrounding Konwufine’s death.

Initial reports said that Konwufine’s vehicle was towed from outside of his own house. Of course, this seemed strange to many. Why would a car be… Continue reading