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Background Check & Driving Record

Now through Jan. 14th, get your background check for free!

This free background check is for individuals who wish to have a We Check Driver Profile. This is not intended for running background checks on potential employees that a business owner may be hiring.

Get an Idea of Someones Criminal History and Arrest Records

So you had a great interview with someone you want to hire. Their resume is impressive, they know how to communicate and their morals and values seem to line up with all of your companies morals and values. Now all that is left is to run a background check. Background checks can be used to see someones criminal history, arrest records, and their driving history to help you know exactly what you can expect from your new prospective employee. Here at We Check all we ask is that you fill out the information below and we will run a background check for you! Having tow truck drivers with clean driving records and criminal histories is something that will help every towing operation in Colorado. Once you have your interviewee’s driving record and criminal history, you will be able make a more informed decision about who you have working for your company and taking care of your customers.


Please come back soon to fill out a background check form to be a We Check Driver!