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When Is A Tow Justified: The Difference Between Legality And Ethics

The question of when a tow is justified may seem to be an easy one at first glance, but let’s examine the nitty gritty of this rhetorical question. Obviously, a tow that is requested by the vehicle’s owner and is within the bounds of Colorado towing laws is a justified and proper tow. This is not something which is really questioned. The murkier situation is when a vehicle is towed without the consent of its owner. In this context, there may arise a situation where a tow is actually within the bounds of the law, but perhaps not in the… Continue reading

Midwest Slammed With Heavy Snowfall Again, Towers Work To Rescue Stranded Vehicles

Less than a couple days after the Midwest was hit by a foot of snowfall, another large snowstorm has moved in and dumped between 6 and 8 inches of fresh powder on many areas in the region, resulting in mass closings of schools and businesses and requiring local towers to work overtime on vehicle recovery and towing efforts.

Cities across the Midwest have seen record snowfalls in the past week. Kansas City got about 8 inches of snow dumped on them, which was on top of the foot of snowpack already covering the ground. Colorado cities also saw some snowfall,… Continue reading