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AAA Releases Statistics About Number Of Road Side Assistance Calls And Tows In 2012

According to statistics recently released by the popular road side assistance and automotive club AAA, the company received nearly 30 million road side assistance calls in 2012, with 12 million of those calls requiring a towing company to tow the vehicle to a service center or local repair shop for help. AAA says that 58% of the calls were breakdowns or other issues where the technician who arrived on the scene was able to solve the problem and have the vehicle owner drive away from the scene, without requiring a tow from a towing company.

AAA is the most popular… Continue reading

Which Roadside Assistance Company Is The Best?

Many of us will be stuck on the side of the road for one reason or another at least a few times in our lives. Whether our car just broke down or we just misjudged how far that next gas station was, there are a number of good reasons to have a road side assistance service that can help you get the assistance you need regardless of where you are in the country.

That’s the major advantage of having a road side assistance company. No matter where you are, a good road side assistance company can find a local tow… Continue reading

Woman Who Was Being Assisted By Tow Truck Driver When He Was Killed Posts Poem In His Honor

A few days ago we posted a story about a tow truck driver who was killed while providing road side assistance to a woman on the Pacific Coast Highway near Newbury Park, California. The woman’s name was Katharine Cimorelli. The tow truck driver’s name was Ronald Carver, who worked for Platinum Towing in nearby Westlake. Mr. Carver was killed by a suspected drunken driver as he was operating near the highway providing road side assistance to Ms. Cimorelli. The woman suspected of hitting Mr. Carver was later caught up to by the police. She is now being charged with felony… Continue reading

Another Tow Truck Driver Killed By Drunk Driver

Another tow truck driver was killed by a drunk driver while providing road side assistance near Newbury Park, California. As is all too common, the tow truck driver who was assisting a driver by hooking up an immobilized car, was hit and killed by an intoxicated passing driver who then fled the scene.

The incident occurred around 9 PM at night, meaning that lack of visibility could have been part of the problem. All towers are reminded (again) that operating at night, especially on the side of a highway is one of the most dangerous situations that a tow truck… Continue reading

AAA To Offer EV Charging Trucks In Six Metro Areas

With mounting concerns about the effects of greenhouse gasses on climate change, high fuel prices and a general obsession with cutting-edge technology, you would think that electric vehicles (EVs) would be catching on and selling like wildfire. But, you would be wrong. Although, the technology for EVs has been around for almost 20 years and is being continuously refined and improved, many experts say its still not ready for prime time. Because of this, fully electric plug-in EVs, unlike their popular hybrid brethren, have had a hard time catching on. One of the primary worries about the new vehicles is… Continue reading

Safe Towing Practices: Ensuring Visibility At Night

Safe towing practices demand that Colorado towers pay particular attention to ensuring safety in their operations at night. Much of the danger inherent in towing comes from consistently operating in the proximity of high-speed vehicles, as in providing road side assistance on a highway. At night, this danger is compounded by poor visibility compared to daytime operation. It is essential that Colorado towers always be aware of their situation when operating in dangerous areas and to take steps to ensure the visibility of themselves and their tow truck. There are several tools at the disposal of Colorado towers who are… Continue reading