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Parking At A Premium: When Should You Tow A Parked Vehicle?

Towing laws vary from state to state and city to city, but they are somewhat consistent around a particular issue. That is the issue of when a tow truck can legally remove a car from a private lot. Typically, the tow operator has to have the tow requested from the owner or another authorized third-party like a property management company. In most cases, there has to also be clear signage that details who can park in a given area and when.


When should cars be towed from private lots? (photo by Salim Virji via Flickr)

But, sometimes the signage that… Continue reading

Chicago Police Officer Pleads Guilty In Tow Company Extortion Case

In towing news, a Chicago police officer has pled guilty in an extortion case involving several members of the Chicago police department who had attempted to extract cash bribes from a towing business in exchange for steering city business their way. The officer, whose name is Ali Haleem, plead guilty to charges of extortion and bribery which carried a sentence of up to 40 years in prison and a fine of up to $750,000.

Haleem is the 11th officer to be charged after a FBI probe into the matter uncovered the solicitation of bribes in several instances from towers. The… Continue reading

Towing In Suspicious Circumstances

There are all kinds of reasons why drivers need the assistance of a tow operator. Maybe they locked themselves out of the car and just need someone to help them get the door open. Perhaps they got stuck in a ditch and need a tow truck to help pull them out. Then, of course, there are the automobile accidents which result in one or multiple vehicles being un-drivable and requiring towing away from the scene.

These are some of the more common and normal circumstances in which a tow operator may find himself when called to provide towing services. But,… Continue reading

Mass Towing In Bridgeport Has Vehicle Owners Angry With City

It seems that these emergency snow contingencies that many cities have in place in order to be able to clear the streets of snow after a large storm are not well-enough publicized for many. Bridgeport connecticut is now in the news, like cities such as Minneapolis before it, for having several hundred vehicles towed in the aftermath of a snow storm that dumped a large amount of snow on the urban area. The city with Bridgeport was faced with towing nearly 500 different vehicles in order to plow both sides of the city’s streets after the snow storm. This equated… Continue reading

Which Roadside Assistance Company Is The Best?

Many of us will be stuck on the side of the road for one reason or another at least a few times in our lives. Whether our car just broke down or we just misjudged how far that next gas station was, there are a number of good reasons to have a road side assistance service that can help you get the assistance you need regardless of where you are in the country.

That’s the major advantage of having a road side assistance company. No matter where you are, a good road side assistance company can find a local tow… Continue reading

CurbTXT Lets Drivers Warn Each Other Of Impending Tows

In a piece of interesting towing news, a startup is piloting a new service which uses cell phone text messages to allow people to alert vehicle owners that they are illegally parked so that they can avoid an expensive ticket and a visit from the tow truck. The service, which is called CurbTXT, started about five months ago and is currently only available in San Francisco. The founders hope that they can encourage the city of San Francisco to accelerate the adoption of the service by integrating into their parking management system.

CurbTXT is simple in its execution. You sign… Continue reading

‘Aggressive Towing’ Causing Municipalities To Change Towing Laws

Towing a vehicle while the owner is not present is always one of the more difficult and controversial situations that a tow operator faces. In many cases, tow companies have a contract with property owners or homeowner’s associations to monitor and enforce parking rules by towing those who violate the rules, usually without their knowledge or consent. This type of arrangement is seen as legitimate by both the property managers and the towing companies in order to enforce parking rules and ensure that vehicle owners do not park where they should not, or in a manner which may block other… Continue reading

11th Chicago Police Officer Charged With Extorting Money From Tow Operators

An FBI investigation has uncovered an extortion attempt by a Chicago police officer who was trying to extract a cash bribe from a tow operator in exchange for steering business to his tow service. The charges also mention that the same officer illegally sold three firearms to the tow truck driver, who is a convicted felon. It seems that the officer, Ali Haleem, is not alone in these types of actions within the Chicago police department.

Haleem is the 11th officer who has been charged as part of an ongoing FBI investigation known as ‘Operation Tow Scam’. When Haleem was… Continue reading

Should Drivers Be Required To Move Over For Tow Trucks?

As we are all aware, towing can be a dangerous job. There are many places where this danger comes from. Part of this danger comes from the operation of the tow truck and the heavy machinery associated with it. But, much of this danger can be mitigated by simple experience and by ensuring that the tow operator is following safe towing procedures. The danger posed by other drivers on the highway when a tow operator is roadside with his wrecker is another matter.

Although drivers whizzing past on the highway at 80 miles per hour can certainly provide a dangerous… Continue reading

Memorial To Fallen Colorado Springs Tow Operator Allen Rose Vandalized

A memorial for Allen Rose, the tow operator who was killed in southern Colorado, was vandalized this past week.  The memorial was put on the side of the road off of Platte in Colorado Springs and commemorated the life of the tow operator who was killed while attempting to tow an SUV in February of last year.  According to reports, Rose threw tow hooks at the vehicle and got tangled up in the lines when they caught.  He was dragged for over a mile before he came free and did not survive the incident.  The driver,… Continue reading