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Montgomery Mayor Considers Towing Unlicensed Drivers

There are a variety of reasons that your vehicle might get towed. You could simply break down and need it transported to the nearest auto shop. You may have parked illegally. But, most cities won’t tow a vehicle simply because a driver doesn’t have his or her license at the time they are stopped by police. However, the mayor of Montgomery, Alabama may change that in his town.

Mayor Todd Strange is tired of the number of residents in his town who are driving without the proper license or who lack the required liability insurance. So, his newest solution is… Continue reading

What To Do After A Car Accident

Many of us have been in this situation before. Stunned, sitting in your vehicle with the smell of burning rubber and smoke filling your nostrils. After you recover from the shock that refuses to allow any logical thought, you find yourself asking: What do I do know?

Being in a car accident is no fun. But, unfortunately it is something that is likely to happen to most of us at one point or another. When it does, you need to know what you should do in order to minimize the damage and make sure that you can get yourself back… Continue reading

What Does It Mean To Provide Good Service As A Tow Truck Driver?

The towing industry and good customer service aren’t exactly synonymous to most people. Why is this? And more importantly, does it need to be that way? We definitely don’t think so. We know some tow services that provide excellent customer service and we think that they can provide an excellent model for the rest of the industry to follow in terms of ensuring positive customer experience and providing good service.

There two major things that go into providing good service as a tow truck driver. The first is being reliable and the second is providing a good customer experience. The… Continue reading

Hawaiian Tow Service Keeps Government Business Despite Price Gouging

mercedes-driver at it’s best
It’s not a huge secret that many towing companies receive a large portion of their business from government requested tows. Tow companies are instrumental in moving vehicles and clearing the roads of debris after a traffic accident. Cities and municipalities of all kinds also need help to tow illegally parked vehicles. This where a tow service is instrumental. But, unfortunately sometimes towing companies can abuse this privilege. One such case of this was with the Hawaiian tow service, Leeward Auto Wreckers.

We brought you some news about Leeward Auto Wreckers and their issues with overcharging customers several months ago. Now,… Continue reading

Barcelona Cop Extracts Vigilante Justice From Tow Truck Drivers

Unfortunately, some individuals don’t take too kindly to being towed. And, what’s worse is those who decide that they will take the law into their own hands and try to exact their own brand of vigilante justice. This is even stranger and more ridiculous when the perpetrator in question is himself responsible for enforcing the law. That makes it even stranger when we come across stories like this one, where a police officer in Barcelona decided to indiscriminately pull over several tow truck drivers and ticket them for non-existent offenses in retaliation for his own car being towed by a… Continue reading

Protecting Yourself With Night Time Visibility

Keeping yourself visible at night when providing road side assistance or towing a vehicle on the side of a highway is one of the most crucial ways to protect yourself while operating a tow truck. So many of the injuries and fatalities that have befallen towers have come from being hit by a passing car while providing tow service on the road side. There are a number of ways to keep yourself visible and safe and they should be utilized in order to make sure that you can do your job well and come home safe and sound to your… Continue reading

The University of Texas To Use Wheel Locks Instead Of Towing Vehicles

The University of Texas in Austin, one of the largest universities in the country, has announced that it will no longer tow vehicles that are parked illegally or in violation of school policy. Instead, the college has decided to utilize wheel locks and boots to immobilize vehicles and to save money rather than paying for what they describe as rising tow service costs. The university decision was also predicated on concerns over the stress that not knowing where a vehicle was located could cost.

According to the University of Texas, the decision is expected to save them a significant amount… Continue reading

Prep Your Family For Roadside Assistance

In schools, our children practice fire, tornado, and disaster drills. There’s a little secret the teachers use to make sure those drills go well. They become a game. Not only that, but the teachers have a bag prepped with materials to keep children quiet or busy, depending on what is happening.

Fast forward to a simple drive home from school or dance practice–and your car overheats or you blow a tire. Your first instinct is to call a tow service, but what do you do with the carpool of kids in your car?


sticky boy sharyn morrow via Compfight

The first… Continue reading

Complaints About Illegal Towing Prompt Police To Investigate Towing Company In Gainesville, Florida

A towing company in Gainesville Florida is under fire for breaking towing laws that relate to towing cars when they were legally parked and also retitling some of the recovered vehicles in the name of the company without going through the proper processes to legally do so. The tow service, Advantage Towing, is being investigated by Gainesville Police for multiple violations and complaints that were received over an extended period.

The most recent step that police have taken in an effort to get to the bottom of the complaints about illegal towing is to undertake a thorough search of the… Continue reading

High Storage And Impounding Costs Not Always The Fault Of The Towing Company

There are many different duties and responsibilities that a towing company has to balance. For many tow services, one of these is impounding and storing vehicles that were after an accident. In many situations, when the police and insurance companies get involved, things can get a bit difficult and often times expensive for the vehicle owner.

When a car is towed after a collision because it is immobilized and requires repair, it often ends up in an impound lot. The only problem in this situation is that the owner of the car is often forced to wait for a police… Continue reading