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For A Tow Truck Driver, Dangers Don’t Only Come From The Road

It’s well-known that being a tow truck driver can be a hazardous occupation at times. You have to be skillful and experienced in order to properly operate the piece of heavy machinery that is a tow truck. You also need to be ever-vigilant in order to make sure that you engage in safe towing practices to protect yourself and your clients when operating on a busy road. But, for many tow truck drivers, the dangers of their job don’t only come from the road.


1378301_12811416It’s not too uncommon to hear of tow truck drivers who have been threatened or… Continue reading

Tow Truck Driver Helps Police Capture Burglar In Gainesville, Florida

In today’s towing news, a story of a tow truck driver who helped police in Gainesville, Florida capture a burglar who was trying to get away with two flat-screen televisions that he had stolen from an apartment. The man, Roshon Thomas, was finally captured by police after a long chase that included him temporarily taking refuge in two different apartment units.

The tow truck driver, who was not identified by the Gainesville Sun which broke the story, noticed the man leaving the apartment complex with a flat-screen television under each arm and alerted police who were driving by.

Gainesville, Florida. (photo by  Naufragio via Flickr)

Gainesville, Florida.… Continue reading

What Does It Mean To Provide Good Service As A Tow Truck Driver?

The towing industry and good customer service aren’t exactly synonymous to most people. Why is this? And more importantly, does it need to be that way? We definitely don’t think so. We know some tow services that provide excellent customer service and we think that they can provide an excellent model for the rest of the industry to follow in terms of ensuring positive customer experience and providing good service.

There two major things that go into providing good service as a tow truck driver. The first is being reliable and the second is providing a good customer experience. The… Continue reading

‘My Big Tow Book’ Brings Stories Of Towing To Children

Many children grow up idolizing certain professions. Typically, they either want to be a firefighter, or astronaut, but what about a tow truck driver? That might have been the goal of a former towing company owner who has started publishing a children’s book to bring stories about towing escapades to children.

The book is called ‘My Big Tow Book’ and it is available to purchase from the website ‘Tow Times Online’. The book features stories of a tow truck driver named Captain Recovery who saves the day by towing various vehicles and helping people out of trouble. The book is… Continue reading

Barcelona Cop Extracts Vigilante Justice From Tow Truck Drivers

Unfortunately, some individuals don’t take too kindly to being towed. And, what’s worse is those who decide that they will take the law into their own hands and try to exact their own brand of vigilante justice. This is even stranger and more ridiculous when the perpetrator in question is himself responsible for enforcing the law. That makes it even stranger when we come across stories like this one, where a police officer in Barcelona decided to indiscriminately pull over several tow truck drivers and ticket them for non-existent offenses in retaliation for his own car being towed by a… Continue reading

Emergency Towing: Towers At The Scene Of An Accident

Not all jobs are created equal, when it comes to being a tow truck driver. Some calls will be so easy and routine that you could probably do them with your eyes closed (disclaimer: do not drive or tow anything with your eyes closed!) Other jobs will demand more from you as a tow operator, whether that means more patience, more effort or most likely both. Then there will be calls that are emergencies; most often associated with injury car accidents. These are likely to be some of the most demanding jobs that you encounter as a tow truck driver.… Continue reading

You Have a Mechanic, Why Not a Tow Truck Driver?

There are few things in life that are said to be important to have: a good mechanic and a good doctor. The people working on some of your most valuable real estate, you an your vehicle, are people you want to trust and know. You want to feel like you’ve got a friend and partner who is knowledgable and reliable. We invest in these relationships so that we can receive the best service when we need it.

Having a go-to tow truck driver is also a great relationship to build, especially when you are faced with a freak weather incident.… Continue reading

Tow Truck Driver Saves The Life Of Good Samaritan

Here’s a bit of positive news that we’re happy to bring to you to kind of balance out some of the negative towing news about a number of companies as of late. We’ve discussed a few different times, why a lot of news about towing tends to cast the industry in a somewhat negative light, so I won’t rehash all of that here. But, we do have quite a story for you today. It involves a tow truck driver who stepped in to save the life of another brave man who was responding to an auto accident.

Dennis Underwood, a… Continue reading

When A Tow Truck Driver Finds Himself In The Midst Of A Crime

A while ago we posted an article about towing in suspicious situations. In that article we focused mostly on the due diligence that is necessary to ensure that the individual requesting a tow does in fact have authorization to tow that vehicle (i.e. they are the owner or someone who is authorized by the owner). But, several news stories have since cropped up with even stranger situations that a tow truck driver may find himself in.

Recent news reports have noted a vehicle towed with a body in the back seat, one with an abandoned infant and most recently an… Continue reading

‘Move Over’ Laws Should Carry Teeth

We all know that towing can be a dangerous profession. If you search the news for towing mentions you will find a lot of stories about a tow truck driver being injured or killed in the course of duty. Although, many of us struggle to make the profession safer, the fact is that there are dangers inherent to this line of work that are not going to go away, no matter what we do. Chief among these is the danger of operating on the side of the road while providing road side assistance.

The biggest danger of providing road side… Continue reading