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Man Arrested In Case Of Murdered Escort Found In Back Of Towed Car

A man has been arrested in connection with a case where an 18-year-old prostitute was found murdered in the backseat of a car in Minnesota. The car had been towed by a towing service, and the tow truck driver appeared to be unaware of the body. The young woman, whose name was Brittany Clardy, had apparently been hired by a man via an online ad. Authorities now suspect that the person who hired, and later murdered Ms. Clardy, was a 23-year-old male who has been wanted for a string of other assaults. The suspect’s name is Alberto Prece Palmer, and… Continue reading

CurbTXT Lets Drivers Warn Each Other Of Impending Tows

In a piece of interesting towing news, a startup is piloting a new service which uses cell phone text messages to allow people to alert vehicle owners that they are illegally parked so that they can avoid an expensive ticket and a visit from the tow truck. The service, which is called CurbTXT, started about five months ago and is currently only available in San Francisco. The founders hope that they can encourage the city of San Francisco to accelerate the adoption of the service by integrating into their parking management system.

CurbTXT is simple in its execution. You sign… Continue reading

Tow Truck Driver Wasn’t Aware of NYT Tesla Electric Car Controversy

A recent test drive that the New York Times did for the Tesla motor company. Tesla, a company which makes high performance electric roadsters, offered the test drive to New York Times reporter John Broder, in order to show off the new high-speed charger infrastructure that the company has installed along the highway between New York City and Boston. But, the test-drive went awry due to the very cold temperatures that significantly reduced the range of the Tesla Model S, causing it’s batteries to die before reaching the second charging station and requiring a tow truck to shuttle the car… Continue reading

Third Generation Tower Killed In Arkansas

A town in central Arkansas lost a valued member of the community this past Tuesday when Delbert Brooks, a third-generation tow truck driver, was killed by a motorist while operating his tow truck on the side of a major highway. The incident has the community mourning the loss of Brooks, whose father operates the auto towing service in Bald Knob, Arkansas. The roads were slippery with sleet and it appears that the driver of the vehicle just lost control and went careening into Mr. Brooks as he was standing on the side of the highway near his tow truck.

Delbert’s… Continue reading

Truck Maintenance Essentials

Like any other vehicle, your tow truck requires regular maintenance and care to make sure it stays running at peak performance. Maintaining your tow truck is similar to maintaining a personal vehicle, but there are important differences. The main difference being that tow trucks require a more frequent and diligent maintenance routine because they are constantly pulling heavy loads and being put through other stresses.

You should always have a preventative maintenance schedule established and follow it religiously. Preventative maintenance could be the difference between spending a few dollars here and now or spending a lot of money for expensive… Continue reading

8 Essential Tips For Safe Winter Towing And Driving

You may not have noticed, but winter is upon us. Winter is undoubtedly the most hazardous season for driving (and towing). Icy, slippery and generally dangerous conditions are commonplace. But, there are several ways for Colorado tow truck drivers to ensure safety when operating on winter roads. We have compiled 8 of the best tips here to help Colorado tow truck drivers ensure safe towing and driving through the winter months.

1. Always keep in contact with your dispatcher.

When making trips in wintery conditions, especially to rural areas, make sure that someone at dispatch knows where you… Continue reading

Should Drivers Be Required To Move Over For Tow Trucks?

As we are all aware, towing can be a dangerous job. There are many places where this danger comes from. Part of this danger comes from the operation of the tow truck and the heavy machinery associated with it. But, much of this danger can be mitigated by simple experience and by ensuring that the tow operator is following safe towing procedures. The danger posed by other drivers on the highway when a tow operator is roadside with his wrecker is another matter.

Although drivers whizzing past on the highway at 80 miles per hour can certainly provide a dangerous… Continue reading

Should You Have Cameras On Your Wrecker?

More and more tow truck drivers are deciding to outfit their tow truck with cameras in order to improve safety and resolve issues with insurance liability or other incidents.  There are now a variety of manufacturers that design camera systems specifically for towing and recovery operations, which enhance the tow operator’s ability to provide a reliable and safe towing environment.

Camera systems are now available which can be mounted on the rear, front and sides of the tow truck to enable a full view of the surrounding environment.  These systems are typically not used as live monitoring systems,… Continue reading

The International Towing and Recovery Museum and the History of the Towing Industry

We don’t often think about it, but the towing industry has been around for a long time, starting with the invention of the first tow truck by Ernest Holmes, Sr. of Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1916.  But, many towers are not aware that there is actually a towing museum called the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum in Holmes’ home town of Chattanooga.

The museum is chock full of towing information on the history of the industry and chronicles the development of the industry and towing equipment since Holmes’ initial invention almost 100 years ago.  It… Continue reading

DOT Finalizes Rule Banning Non-Emergency Cell Phone Use For Commercial Drivers

The US Department of Transportation has finalized a rule which will become effective on January 3, 2012 and bans cell phone use for commercial drivers, including tow truck drivers.  The new rule is designed to ensure safe operation of all commercial vehicles.  It will also help establish more safe towing practices and make sure that tow truck drivers are not distracted from the task at hand.  Although some companies currently have policies which prohibit a tow truck driver from using a cell phone while operating the tow truck, this law would apply to all commercial vehicle drivers,… Continue reading