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Thinking About A Small Business?

We hear that the economy is in recovery, but more than ever, people are stepping out and taking their future in their hands by starting a small business. Consumers are also changing their buying habits and shopping local, using local services, and investing in small business. We see shopping habits cutting down on big box store purchases and taking economic recovery by the horn by supporting small business. The concept of “Small Business Saturdays” no longer applies to the weekend, consumers are making it a daily practice.

When you consider opening a small business, what are you thinking about? Is… Continue reading

Municipal Towing… Are Towing Companies Having to Fight Too Hard for Compensation?

No Parking, Reprise   A critically important aspect of many towing companies is towing for municipalities. The towers help to enforce the parking laws not only for the city, but also for private property owners by removing vehicles impacting business or just a street in general.
Across the country towers are calling for the rates to be increased on non-consensual tows as they are having to fight harder than ever to receive payment from insurance companies on non-consensual tows, including their recovery work and clean up of police dispatched accident calls.
John Borowski, a veteran to… Continue reading

Chicago Police Officer Pleads Guilty In Tow Company Extortion Case

In towing news, a Chicago police officer has pled guilty in an extortion case involving several members of the Chicago police department who had attempted to extract cash bribes from a towing business in exchange for steering city business their way. The officer, whose name is Ali Haleem, plead guilty to charges of extortion and bribery which carried a sentence of up to 40 years in prison and a fine of up to $750,000.

Haleem is the 11th officer to be charged after a FBI probe into the matter uncovered the solicitation of bribes in several instances from towers. The… Continue reading

Embracing Competition And Cooperation Within The Towing Industry

Within any industry there is always a constant balance between competition and cooperation. The towing industry is no different. The basis of our economy, it is often said, is competition and free enterprise. While, it is certainly true that competition and a constant striving to get ahead has forced towing services and other businesses to constantly work harder and more efficiently, it is also important that the industry has a level of cooperation that is facilitated by good communication and a continuing desire to do business better.

Local towers are often in direct competition with one another for jobs and… Continue reading

Man Steals Own Car From Impound Lot Of Towing Business

In the towing business, running an impound lot can be a lot of work in and of itself. Running an impound lot can also be a significant expense, partially because of the security that is required in order to protect the cars which are housed there. But, for one man, all of that security wasn’t enough to prevent him from reclaiming his own vehicle from the impound lot of an auto towing service.

A Massachusetts man broke into an impound lot for an auto towing company in order to steal back his car. The man, Damien Ellerbe, decided to take… Continue reading

We Check Changes Name to We Check USA, Goes National

We Check, Inc. was founded to be an organization that could provide towing news and information to both towing professionals and consumers. We Check was to act as a watchdog organization for Colorado towing businesses and a place for towers to develop a community as well as to provide information and news related to the towing business. We Check has now decided that in order to extend this mission to a larger audience, we will be welcoming in all of our fellow towers across America and expanding from covering only Colorado towing to catering to the towing community throughout the… Continue reading

American Towman ShowPlace Trade Show Gets Underway In Las Vegas From May 16-19

The American Towman ShowPlace trade show will be getting underway from May 16-19 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The trade show will feature presentations by towing professionals and exhibitors who will be demoing a wide range of products and services targeted at the towing business. In addition to towing professionals the show is expected to be attended by a number of individuals holding multiple occupations around the towing business.

American Towman is an industry organization which puts out American Towman magazine as well as American Towman TV. The company also organizes the American Towman exposition which is one of… Continue reading

Utah Towing Bill Waiting For Governor’s Approval

The newest bit of towing news on regulations and towing laws comes Utah, where the governor is set to sign a new bill into law that would further regulate the way a tow operator does business. The bill, House Bill 115, passed the senate this past week with a unanimous vote. The law would require among other things that towing companies accept payments with credit or debit cards in addition to cash, as well as setting a maximum limit on the price of towing.

This change to towing laws in Utah will set a precedent of greater state regulation of… Continue reading

Women In The Towing Industry

Although things are changing, the towing industry remains an industry that is mostly run by men. While there are a minority of women in the workforce that contribute in many ways to towing business, most of the employees, drivers and managers in a given towing company are still likely to be men.

This doesn’t mean that men in the towing business have been intentionally excluding women from the industry. Most of the disparity comes from the fact that the type of work that the towing industry represents was historically the domain of men. But, traditional gender roles like this have… Continue reading

Truck Maintenance Essentials

Like any other vehicle, your tow truck requires regular maintenance and care to make sure it stays running at peak performance. Maintaining your tow truck is similar to maintaining a personal vehicle, but there are important differences. The main difference being that tow trucks require a more frequent and diligent maintenance routine because they are constantly pulling heavy loads and being put through other stresses.

You should always have a preventative maintenance schedule established and follow it religiously. Preventative maintenance could be the difference between spending a few dollars here and now or spending a lot of money for expensive… Continue reading