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AAA Releases Statistics About Number Of Road Side Assistance Calls And Tows In 2012

According to statistics recently released by the popular road side assistance and automotive club AAA, the company received nearly 30 million road side assistance calls in 2012, with 12 million of those calls requiring a towing company to tow the vehicle to a service center or local repair shop for help. AAA says that 58% of the calls were breakdowns or other issues where the technician who arrived on the scene was able to solve the problem and have the vehicle owner drive away from the scene, without requiring a tow from a towing company.

AAA is the most popular… Continue reading

Towing Companies Demand Fair Rotation For City-Contracted Jobs

When a city needs a tow service, perhaps in the aftermath of an auto accident or when an abandoned car needs to be moved, it will typically contract with a private towing company since few cities have towers on staff. However, it seems that in several cases across the country, cities are neglecting to fairly distribute city-contracted towing and vehicle recovery business among each qualified towing company in the area.

The most recent example of this type of situation comes from complaints of several towing companies in Bath, New York. The companies are charging the city with unfairly distributing business… Continue reading

5 Tips For Long Distance Towing

There are many reasons why you may need to get your car towed long distance. Perhaps you recently took a job and needed to relocate quickly, without all the trouble of moving all of your stuff and, in the process, you left your car behind. You could always get a friend to drive your car to you, but that might be a high order if you have moved from one coast to another. Not to mention the fact that the gas cost alone may be so expensive that it is more cost efficient to pay a towing company.

So, once… Continue reading

Tow Companies Kept Busy Towing Vehicles After Snowstorms

As the first significant snow storm of the season hits Colorado, other areas around the Midwest are seeing significant snowfalls, which means that your friendly local tow service is hard at work helping stranded drivers with car towing and road side assistance. The snow storm that hit the Midwest and hammered cities like Kansas City and Omaha with over a foot of snow saw a lot of drivers stranded in white out conditions that required the service and expertise of the local towing company.

The good news is that there weren’t nearly as many reports of unnecessary deaths… Continue reading

Snow Emergencies Can Result In Mass Towing

Although Colorado has seen quite a bit less snow this year than is normal, other parts of the country have not had the same experience. New England got nailed by a blizzard which dumped almost two feet of snow in some areas, and other cities like Minneapolis and elsewhere have seen significant snowfall accumulation. With snowy and wintry road conditions, towing operators typically have their work cut out for them. Calls are more frequent, meaning that a tow service can expect not to have a lot of down time. This is especially the case when a town or city declares… Continue reading

For The Towing Industry, How Much Reality Is In ‘Reality TV’?

Reality TV is like a virus that has taken over television and continues to proliferate. The shows are now on nearly every television station. Remember when MTV used to play music videos? It hasn’t in nearly a decade. Having been a pioneer in the reality TV craze, almost all of the shows on the channel are now reality shows. The History Channel? At least half of their programming is reality television (they even changed their slogan to represent the fact that they no longer offer historical programming, it’s now: “History. Made every day.”)

And not only are reality TV shows… Continue reading

Drunk Driver Indicted For Hitting, Killing Tow Truck Driver In Columbus, Ohio

Another tragic pieces of towing news came across the news wire today, as we learned of the death of William Houck of Franklin County, Ohio who was struck and killed by a drunk driver this past September. The towing news update is that the suspect in the case, Thomas G. Frederick, has now been indicted by Grand Jury and faces charges of aggravated vehicular homicide, failure to stop after an accident, tampering with evidence and operating the vehicle under the influence of alcohol. The suspect’s blood-alcohol level was .242 at the time of the crash. That’s over three… Continue reading

‘Lizard Lick Towing’ Reality Show Breaking Viewership Records

Reality-television is certainly surprising some with its staying power. Initially, it seemed like a fad that would peter out after a few years. But, that analysis couldn’t have been farther from the reality (no pun intended). At this point it certainly seems to be here to stay for the foreseeable future, and the diversity of subjects covered is astounding. There seems to be a reality show for just about any situation, interest or niche. That now includes towing.

The reality-TV series ‘Lizard Lick Towing’ on TruTV is breaking viewership records. Nearly 3 million viewers watched the last episode of the… Continue reading

Details of Professor’s Death Ignites Controversy, Raises More Questions

The incident last Friday in which a man died in a towing accident outside of Fort Lauderdale, Florida has ignited controversy about towing practices and policies in the area.

The man, Elias Konwufine, was a professor and dean of the Business School at Keiser University. Since, the news broke a few days ago about the incident more developments have come to light that raise some important questions about the details surrounding Konwufine’s death.

Initial reports said that Konwufine’s vehicle was towed from outside of his own house. Of course, this seemed strange to many. Why would a car be… Continue reading

Women In The Towing Industry

Although things are changing, the towing industry remains an industry that is mostly run by men. While there are a minority of women in the workforce that contribute in many ways to towing business, most of the employees, drivers and managers in a given towing company are still likely to be men.

This doesn’t mean that men in the towing business have been intentionally excluding women from the industry. Most of the disparity comes from the fact that the type of work that the towing industry represents was historically the domain of men. But, traditional gender roles like this have… Continue reading