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Safety Tips For RV Trailer Towing

Towing an RV trailer like a ‘fifth-wheel’ can be intimidating at first. These kinds of trailers aren’t attached to your truck the same way that a simple ball towing hitch allows you to attach a smaller trailer or towed vehicle. This means that towing with them requires slightly different skills. But, don’t worry. With a little help, you’ll be towing that trailer like a pro in no time. Here are some things that you’ll want to be aware of in order to maintain safe and reliable towing.

  • Before you tow anything, especially a fifth-wheel RV or trailer you will want… Continue reading

Tow It Yourself: Tips For Driving When Hitched Up

Some people have a towing hitch put on their vehicle for recreation. They need to be able to transport their boat or jet skis, perhaps they have a little pop up camper that they like to bring along when they explore the wilderness or take some time off for a little trip up into the mountains. Others may be towing because it’s required for work. You need to be able to transport materials or tools. Maybe you are even transporting heavy machinery to a job site. Regardless of why you tow it yourself, there are some tips that everyone can… Continue reading

How To Avoid A Repossession Of Your Vehicle

If you are late on a payment for your auto loan, you may be worried that your vehicle will be repossessed by the lender. In most situations, lenders do not even need to notify a court of law or get permission from a legal authority to repossess a vehicle after you default on your auto loan. The thinking behind this is that doing so would provide car owners with the opportunity to hide or damage the vehicle prior to its being recovered.

In most cases, after a certain number of payments have been missed and you have been notified that… Continue reading

High Storage And Impounding Costs Not Always The Fault Of The Towing Company

There are many different duties and responsibilities that a towing company has to balance. For many tow services, one of these is impounding and storing vehicles that were after an accident. In many situations, when the police and insurance companies get involved, things can get a bit difficult and often times expensive for the vehicle owner.

When a car is towed after a collision because it is immobilized and requires repair, it often ends up in an impound lot. The only problem in this situation is that the owner of the car is often forced to wait for a police… Continue reading

Towing In Suspicious Circumstances

There are all kinds of reasons why drivers need the assistance of a tow operator. Maybe they locked themselves out of the car and just need someone to help them get the door open. Perhaps they got stuck in a ditch and need a tow truck to help pull them out. Then, of course, there are the automobile accidents which result in one or multiple vehicles being un-drivable and requiring towing away from the scene.

These are some of the more common and normal circumstances in which a tow operator may find himself when called to provide towing services. But,… Continue reading

Illinois Towing Company Sues City For Favoritism

A towing company near Chicago is suing the city of Island Lake over the lack of business being referred to his tow service by the town. The owner, Mike Johnson, of Mike’s Towing is alleging that the city is showing favoritism to his competitor, Sharp Towing, based on the company’s connection to politically significant individuals in the area.

Johnson says that his towing company has been repeatedly passed over for city-initiated towing jobs which were instead given to Sharp Towing based on the connections that they have. The Police Chief confirmed that Sharp Towing was their preferred go-to company for… Continue reading

We Check Changes Name to We Check USA, Goes National

We Check, Inc. was founded to be an organization that could provide towing news and information to both towing professionals and consumers. We Check was to act as a watchdog organization for Colorado towing businesses and a place for towers to develop a community as well as to provide information and news related to the towing business. We Check has now decided that in order to extend this mission to a larger audience, we will be welcoming in all of our fellow towers across America and expanding from covering only Colorado towing to catering to the towing community throughout the… Continue reading

American Towman ShowPlace Trade Show Gets Underway In Las Vegas From May 16-19

The American Towman ShowPlace trade show will be getting underway from May 16-19 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The trade show will feature presentations by towing professionals and exhibitors who will be demoing a wide range of products and services targeted at the towing business. In addition to towing professionals the show is expected to be attended by a number of individuals holding multiple occupations around the towing business.

American Towman is an industry organization which puts out American Towman magazine as well as American Towman TV. The company also organizes the American Towman exposition which is one of… Continue reading

More Predatory Towing Complaints In Denver

We’ve heard the phrase ‘predatory towing’ used before, but it looks like another story is in the local Denver news which focuses on the practice of some businesses which contract with Colorado towing companies in order to keep parking spots open and available for customers. The practice is not uncommon, and is completely legal in the state. But, a recent story be the local 9News (NBC affiliate) found that while there are signs posted in many of these locations warning potential drivers of the towing that could occur if they are a non-paying customer that parks in the lot, some… Continue reading

How Can The Cost Of Impounding Be Lowered?

One of the most expensive aspects of running a towing company is paying for the impounding of vehicles. Although there are many other expenses associated with towing, this is one of the biggest ones. A towing company which maintains an impound lot must pay to tow and store all of the vehicles which are impounded there. There are typically restrictions put in place by regulations at the city or state level which also limit the amount that a tow service can charge for impounding and storing a towed vehicle. This can make it difficult, if not impossible, for a towing… Continue reading