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Towing Companies Demand Fair Rotation For City-Contracted Jobs

When a city needs a tow service, perhaps in the aftermath of an auto accident or when an abandoned car needs to be moved, it will typically contract with a private towing company since few cities have towers on staff. However, it seems that in several cases across the country, cities are neglecting to fairly distribute city-contracted towing and vehicle recovery business among each qualified towing company in the area.

The most recent example of this type of situation comes from complaints of several towing companies in Bath, New York. The companies are charging the city with unfairly distributing business… Continue reading

Midwest Slammed With Heavy Snowfall Again, Towers Work To Rescue Stranded Vehicles

Less than a couple days after the Midwest was hit by a foot of snowfall, another large snowstorm has moved in and dumped between 6 and 8 inches of fresh powder on many areas in the region, resulting in mass closings of schools and businesses and requiring local towers to work overtime on vehicle recovery and towing efforts.

Cities across the Midwest have seen record snowfalls in the past week. Kansas City got about 8 inches of snow dumped on them, which was on top of the foot of snowpack already covering the ground. Colorado cities also saw some snowfall,… Continue reading

Many New England Blizzard Deaths Were Avoidable

Winter Storm Nemo, the blizzard which rocked the east coast over this past weekend, was the cause of more than a dozen tragic and unnecessary deaths. Many of these deaths were caused by a failure to understand the dangers posed by running vehicles in blizzard and white-out conditions. In particular, carbon monoxide poisoning from car engines, the leading killer in these types of conditions, claimed several lives.

There are several major dangers in blizzard and post-blizzard conditions. Among them are falls, car accidents and exposure. But, carbon monoxide poisoning is the most dangerous, as pointed out by Eric Lavonas,… Continue reading

Tow Company Assists In Mountain Rescue Outside Portland, Oregon

Two teenage boys were successfully rescued from a mountain outside of Estacada, Oregon (a small town about 30 miles southeast of Portland) by local police assisted by a tow service.  The auto towing company, Clackamas Towing, was able to remove their 1977 Ford 4×4 pickup truck which had become stuck in a small snow-covered road on the mountain.  The truck was not outfitted with snow tires, chains or a shovel, driving home the importance of outfitting vehicles with the proper equipment in snowy and icy conditions.  This is especially important on mountainous or rural stretches of road.… Continue reading